The revised Gout Remedies Forum is now active. I will soon transfer some old gout treatment discussions into this forum.

The gout treatment phase of your journey to gout freedom is often the most complicated. You need to work with your doctor to find the best choice of remedies that will suit you. Then you need to work out a plan that includes the right combinations at the right times.

This gout treatment forum is also a great place to discuss alternative treatments. Gout patients are often keen to find non-pharmaceutical remedies. We can discuss all options for your gout treatment plan.

It’s only when you have an effective treatment plan that you can make sense of your food and drink choices. Gout diet must help your treatment plan, not hinder it.

Please be careful when posting in the gout remedies forum. It is important to be clear about exactly what your current remedies are. Please take the effort to describe your current gout treatment precisely, including the name as it is spelled on your prescription, together with your dose. If you are discussing alternative remedies, please use the exact product name as spelled on the product label.

The main aim of the gout remedies forum is to improve my Gout Treatment reference information, so please refer to those pages, then ask for clarification on your personal circumstances here.

You can select from a list of current gout remedies discussions, but please read the guidelines for the Gout Remedies Forum first.