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    Im back from Mexico and remained attack free for the duration. I am on 300mg Allopurinol and at first .6mg colchicine twice a day.? When i was down there i purchased (colchicina) from the local pharmacies. It comes in 1mg pills scored down the center. So i started taking .5 mg twice a day a day? (snapped the pills in half) along with the Allopurinol.

    The Colchacina is what it says on the package (bubble pack of 10 1mg pills x 2 packs per box, 20 pills total) and in almost invisible lettering it says Colchiquim.? I was offered two different manufactures, one a brand name the other generic. I chose the generic. The cost was 25 pesos ($2.08) for a box of 20 1mg pills. ??I bought 120 img pills so it cost me about $12.50 to buy $1600 (at current US prices) worth of Colchicine.

    120 1mg pills gives me enough for 4 months at my current rate. I guess i should have bought some more but once i had a stash i sort of forgot about it.? My only question is?.. is it good?? Well i don't know. I have been taking it for a little over two week now and my toe don't feel any different than when i was taking somthing that cost about $13.25 a day?.? vs. $ .10 ? I guess thats good!?

    I do have this feeling colchicine is keeping an attack at bay while I'm starting Allopurnol. I get tiny twinges in my toe several times a day reminding me about my gout and it does seem to happen most in the morning and evening before i take my twice daily dose of colchicine. I had one 'extra' twinge late one night that made me nervous so i took two naproxen and had no problems after that. ?.. Sooooooo. I feel that the Mexi-cholchine is good, but i won't really know until i use it for an attack and it does its?.. thing.

    Is my the Allopurinol working??. i think so. I didn't take my test kit down there but since i have been back its been?


    22? 4.6

    23? 5.9

    24? 4.6

    25? 5.4

    26? 5.3

    That averages to 5.1 since i have been back.

    My plan is to take 2x .5mg colchicine a day with Allopurinol (forever)? for three months and then .5mg colchicine at night for a month to test the water. If ok after a month i will stop the colchicine. I will treat any twinges with naproxen and reserve the colchicine for emergences?. at least thats the plan!

    Im really beginning to feel a sence of having got this under controle and an enormance sence of relief. . I realise there might be battles ahead and i will need to be ever vigilant. But what i have learned here has given me the tools to manage my gout and the tools know what to do if i have an attack?.. I thank all my 'pals' here for all there help and i thank the inventors of the internet, without whom we would all be in a lot more pain!


    Bill in Seattle.

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    I have been taking Allopurinol? for 6 days now and i think i can see it beginning to work.. I am also taking one .6mg colchicine in the morning with the Allo.. and one in the evening.? I feel my foot tingle just a touch in the morning before i take my Colchicine and it does as well in the evening just before taking my evening dose. This morning and evening tingling started with Allopurinol. I really feel like taking Colchicine as a prophylaxis is keeping an attack at bay at the moment.

    Here are my UA home test results in total.

    Official level (lab) …6.9
    Home test….
    2/28 ..6.8
    3/1… 6.0
    Started Allopurinol
    skipped a day
    3/7… 4.6…………. i think its working!

    Im off to Mexico in the morning for two weeks and Im not taking my test kit.
    I will pick up as much Colchicine as i can carry back!….



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    So i finally got my blood results back.

    This test was 4 days after 7 colchicine
    ?and after 3 weeks on prednisone with a week+ to go……..

    Kidney function was good.

    Liver function had slightly a elevated level in one enzyme (ALT(GPT)? 76 ?

    My UA level was 6.9 mg/DL

    I have been testing my UA in the mornings before breakfast.

    2/26… 5.5

    At the moment i have no foot pain at all. Im off prednisone today but possibly too fast as I'm having some BAD headaches. There easily stopped with ibuprofen. I have read this is common with being on prednisone for this long. Im also coming down with a bad case of acne, its all over my forehead, back and shoulders. I read this is common as well with prednisone with long term usage…. Im glad to be done with it.

    Im taking one colchicine tonight and i guess one starting tomorrow morning. I haven't started to take Allopurinol yet as i was waiting for my tests to come back.? ?

    It looks from my official test and my home testing i seem to to be walking the line of 6.8. I haven't eaten any meat in the last month nor have i had a drink.? But i have been eating a lot of beans, both black and pinto. This makes me wonder if my “normal” UA level was something like 7.9 before being on a more gout friendly diet…?

    One thing that most likely didn't help… I use to eat a LOT of brewers yeast. Mostly on popcorn. I would put a big handful on a big bowl of popcorn and eat the whole thing. I did this 3+ times a week. And always before any evening i thought i might be drinking a lot. Its a major B12 hit and a very good hangover prophylaxis…. Considering how much i use to eat im suprised i didn't come down with gout sooner.

    I guess i will start taking Allopurinol tomorrow (didn't talk to the Doc, just a letter with blood test results and a message on my voice mail) and test my levels in a month to check my UA and liver enzymes.
    I will just dive in i guess and start taking 300mg and see what happens. What should i expect and what should i watch out for diving i like this. What does an allergic reaction look like vs. getting use to it?

    I just can't decide if i should take colchicine as a prophylaxis or just take it as needed when I'm having an attack.

    Decisions , decisions…

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    Sorry to bring this up here. I sent something like this out to all the forums I'm on to try and track down how this might have happened. I have sense figured out it was most likely hacked from within yahoo its self.

    Moderator: …..Please feel free to delete this thread.

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    Well im not sure but this is what happened to me..

    Everyone on my email list received an email 'from me' about friends that were in trouble in the UK and needed money fast. It was signed by me and from my email address. If you replied, the reply address was subtly different. I never received the email. Only people in my address list and and there was nothing in my sent box on my Mac.

    I called yahoo and then changed my password and stuff and removed/replaced a fake email address that had been placed in my account as a 'return email address'….. So if you replied to the email, it sent it not back to me but the F#ckers that hacked my account. My mother fell for it, replied to them and just about sent them $1500…

    All my 'sent emails' from over the years were deleted from my yahoo account as well.

    I was just checking to see if anyone was having issues…


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    UA levels from the doc didn't arive yet but i did get my UASure test kit in the mail today?. very fast indeed.

    First off.. i read all the threads i could find about using the meter and tried my best to be consistent and use enough blood

    This is what i did

    I have use the control solution to check the meter and it is within the 3.4-5 range specified. One control test at 3.6 and one at 4.7.

    The first blood test i applied a good sized drop to the edge of the strip as shown in the instructions and left a good bit on top as well. . All 4 times it immediately filled the strip to the triangular end and beeped.

    ?blood tests the readings were 5.7 mg/DL, 10.9, and 7.4. and an hour? later 5.6

    This does not leave me with much confidence in the tester.

    I sent an email to the company and asked for a better description of how to get consistent readings.


    Toe is feeling very good at the moment. Hopfuly my UA, Liver and kidneys test will be in tomarow.

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