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    Slightly off topic, but here is a reminder of how you can encourage and reward topics that interest you.

    At the beginning of each topic in these gout forums, is a link that says “Favorite”
    When you click it, it changes to “Favorited”

    Marking a gout topic as one of your favorites does 2 things:
    1. It rewards the person who posted the topic.
    2. It tells Keith which topics most members are interested in.

    If you find Traditional Medicines interesting, please click the Favorite link now, otherwise, please find other topics to give your vote to. There is no limit to the number of topics you can call your Favorites.

    Of course, replying to topics you are interested in makes even more sense. Topics that generate replies are my Favorites!

    in reply to: Athlete with 3 months of constant attacks #21067

    This looks very suspicious Cynthia, but I’ve approved it just in case you do have some relevant information to share.

    This type of post is wrong. If you want private conversations, go to Facebook, or something similar. My gout support services are run in public, so that everyone might have benefit of free gout information.

    On this specific thread, it is rather pointless to try and resurrect old topics unless you have some new and relevant information.

    I hope you do have some interesting information for athletes who have gout. Hundreds of athletes visit these forums, and it’s great if we can help them avoid gout attacks.

    in reply to: Do I really have gout? Not sure I believe the Doctor #20628

    I’ve take the Gouty Ostrich debate to Facebook:



    As a reformed (almost) ostrich, I can probably think of more reasons to hide my head and do nothing than most people can. Let’s have some reasons why it’s wrong to do nothing. Are there any more people out there who’ve conquered their gout, but wish they’d done it sooner? Please help the Gouty Ostriches start fixing their gout today.

    Join the debate wherever you like:

    The gouty ostrich hides his head. Ignoring high uric acid and ever increasing painful joints. When will you stop joint…

    Posted by GoutPal on Tuesday, 31 March 2015



    But best just to reply here in this forum.

    in reply to: Gout Forum iPad issues #20614

    One other point that I noticed when I was looking into this.

    If you are accessing this forum on an iPad, or any device where the screen is narrow, it always best to turn it so that you have the widest view possible.

    in reply to: Gout Forum iPad issues #20611

    I believe that I have fixed the issue relating to the missing Log In button. This affected all narrow screen browsers, not just iPad.

    You should now be able to see the Log In button on all screen sizes. If not, please try refreshing your browser page before reporting the problem.

    I’ve added a screenshot of how the forum looks on a narrow screen. Note that the menubar at the top of the screen changes to show your profile picture if the screen is not wide enough for your name.

    in reply to: What treatment to cure my gout? #20318

    Because I prefer all my dealings to be open, this is the private response I referred to above:

    Thank you Gajendra for your email.

    I usually provide gout support in my gout forum. Therefore, I have posted your question there, and I’ve responded to it. You can see this at

    In my response, I have explained the basics of using my gout forum to create your own Personal Gout Profile. We can then discuss your profile in the forum and you can create your own gout treatment plan. It is very important that your plan is created specially for you. There is no such thing as a standard gout treatment plan. It has to be tailored to suit each individual gout patient.

    All of the above is completely free of charge. However, it must be done in public so that I can earn money from advertising. If you wish to pay for private gout consultancy, please let me know your budget, and I will suggest some private services that suit your gout and your pocket.

    Thank you again for your interest in my gout support services.
    Take Care

    in reply to: Fix your Forum Profile #19704

    If you have a YouTube account, you can now link this on your Profile as well. Don’t do what I’ve just done though, and create a new account. It’s better to link all your social networks to just one account.

    Login as normal, then you should be at your Member Welcome page. If not, you can get there from the Members menu near the top of each page. Just hover your mouse over Members, then click on My Profile.

    Scroll down to where it says “Connect your account to one or more social networks”
    Then click all the social networks that apply to you.
    Check your Gout Profile is up-to-date.
    Go to your social networks and tell the world how good GoutPal is!

    Thank you from Keith

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