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    Thanks for your input Keith. I’ve been taking low doses of ibuprofen almost daily for a month or so now, I take Indomethacin only when the pain is extremely severe or if I need a bit of buffering from the pain to be able to use the foot when I need. I try not to rely too much on these pills; I can take the pain from gout quite well as long as I’m well situated and able to elevate my foot and ice it when I need. I envision several more years of having to deal with this issue so for now I will keep the drugs to a minimum while I’m able to deal with it well.

    I’ve only just started to learn of the extent of the damage this causes. A month ago when I thought it was only Peroneal Tendonitis I looked up a few ankle strengthening exercises and stretches but now I’m not sure if I should treat it as such and go about recovery in the same manner. Should I make efforts to strenghten and stretch it while recovering from a flare up like an injury or is it best to wait until it’s totally gone before I move it around?

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