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    gout sufferer

    Hello Jon,

    Talking from my experience:

    gout may have triggered your neck pain.  my dad and I both suffer from gout. my dad has experienced this kind of pain so many times. I have experienced it too.  I know the feeling… it is unbearable. my dad says his neck hurt even when he blink his eyes…. (I think that is bit over the top!!!) but when I used to get this kind of pain in my neck, any movement of head was impossible . I even had to adjust the height of  my dinner plate  to eat.

    but since I have started allopurinol (300mg) some 10 months ago I haven't suffer from any gout attack.

    what damage (if any….) the allopurinol is doing inside me….. is something I don't know….

    in conclusion: (speaking from experience again….)

    Yes it is possible that gout can attack any joints in your body….

    Best of luck.

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