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    Jaslyn said:

    I'm 29. First detected with high uric acid when i was about 25 too….

    The flares come in probably once or twice a year… as yrs passed, the flare got frequent. So frequently that now it flare continuously every week. I tried to control my diet, drinking habits but still it persist on.

    2weeks back, I had a flare on my left wrist, it swell and it hurts…. then since Christmas, I had another flare on my left ankle, the next day, the flare came onto my right wrist concurrently. Now my left ankle is in less pain, it moves to my knee and it swell when i see from behind.

    The pain is really unbearable and i cried in the middle of the nite. It hurts so much that i wanted to juz amputed my wrist. My movement have slowed down at least 50% coz i cant walk any faster. The more i walked the bigger the swell is.

    This sounds horrible. Are you on any medication yet?

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    GoutPal said:

    Dietary restrictions with gout only make sense when part of a managed program to reduce uric acid.

    This means frequent testing by a doctor, preferably a rheumatologist. You might consider supporting this with your own uric acid monitor.

    Now if uric acid is only 8, or maybe 9, mg/dL, you might be able to lower it enough with diet. There is very little food you need to avoid completely. Obviously avoid food that you are allergic to. With meat and other fish, ensure that at least two thirds of the meal consists of vegetables or fruit. And ensure that total daily calorie intake is just enough to maintain your weight in the low-normal BMI range.

    Other dietary tips are to eat smaller meals more often, and drink pleanty of fluids.

    If your uric acid is higher than 9 mg/dL, then no amount of dieting is going to help. Get allopurinol or other uric acid lowering treatment from your rheumatologist.

    Thanks for the advice.

    My uric acid level is 9.3 according to the blood test that they took from me which resulted in my diagnosis.

    My doctor, a podiatrist admittedly but she's who I went to immediately since the flare up happened in my big toe, pretty much prescribed me some ibuprofen and said limit red meat, limit red wine and that was it. She didn't want to put me on alluopurinol unless I got another attack which makes no sense to me. I want to prevent attacks in the future and like you said, if I'm not controlling uric acid levels with diet to a point below 7, what's the point? I asked if I should see a rheumatologist and she didn't see much point to that either.

    I am however doing a 24-hour urinanalysis test to see how much uric acid I'm successfully excreting.

    The home tester is interesting, in the US they don't use those. They prefer you go through labs for some reason.

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