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    Thanks for the good advice.

    I have managed to get a good droplet of blood ( 11.00pm ) for my test strip and managed a reading of 7.5

    My lab reading from a month ago was 9.7, so I thought I might be on the right track with my natural remedies to bringing uric acid levels down.

    I went out the next evening and eat sensibly no red meat , but had my first drink of alcohol for over a month as I think alcohol is one of my triggers.

    ( 1 1/2 small glasses red wine) with about 4 glasses of water.

    I felt a burning sensation in my big toe in the middle of the night but thankfully it was not a full flare up and I usually get it in my ankle.

    I thought I would do a uric acid test that morning about 9.00am and my reading was 9.5

    I am not drawing any conclusions just yet as I am still experimenting with my new meter but will keep you posted  of any developments.

    Once again thanks for all the good advice.

    in reply to: Is Allopurinol my only hope. #6758

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I will make an appointment to see my GP to discuss taking allopurinol and then buying a uric acid meter to keep an eye on my levels.

    Can I ween my self of the tablets say after 6 months to see if the levels return to a high level after  weight and diet changes or will that be too much of a yo yo effect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)