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    My gout attack continues… 

    Day 16 on crutches


    -Steroid Shot




    -tylenol with cod

    -methylprednisolone pack

    So I had my attack.  Doc gave me meds and shot – I was feeling better and thought I was getting better until steroid wore off and boom.  I ended up in urgent care.  Doc gave me steroid pack and painkillers – the pack about killed me – side effects terrible and I had to discontinue use.  It seems like the steroids have worn off now because I am hurting again and my knee AND foot AND ankle are hurting and getting inflammation.  I did start 300mg allopurinol after 2 different docs told me I was okay to take it.  My UA was 6.7 so they said I was over the acute phase of my attack.

    I need some expert advice.  The quacks around here are going to have me in a wheelchair before Christmas.  I am desperate as I have 3 kids and 1 that is 5 months old.  I can't help my wife carry her or tend to her.  I can't play with my son.  I didn't get to help put up the tree and I can't put up the lights.

    So right now I started taking the last of my Colchicine – 4 pills that I started taking earlier this morning.  I have 1 pill left.  I am going to finish it and go buy 2lbs of cherries.  I am going to eat nothing but cherries and water today.

    I have 1/2 a steroid pack/ketoprofen/ibuprofen/tylenol with cod/allp – little time and a lot of frustration.

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    trev said:

    Burgess, you know what you have to do.

    You can take AlloP OK, and you can lose some weight and with diet care you can get rid of the scourge readily -unless your system says otherwise for some reason. [Maybe you should push Dr for more annswers?]

    You just have to try it- as you are WAY too young to suffer all the knock on effects of high SUA possible.

    If you can read reports on here, you can do the walk too- and no-one else will do the hard work needed.

    The meds will certainly help, and I don't mean painkillers- they are not good long term and you have long term to do at your age, if you get on the case to make it more comfortable too.

    Colchicine is not a cure for gout.

    Trev – thanks for the support. I am seriously considering losing weight. It's easier said than done I know first hand. I am going to stay on my Alp now and hopefully I can manage my ua level

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    Hey guys!!!  Thanks so much for all of your help.  I really appreciated it because the lack of knowledge by most of the doctors I have spoken with is scary.

    Here is the update on my situation.  Last Monday I went to the doctor and he gave me ketaprofen, a steroid shot, and 300mg Allpurinol.  It has been 11 days total and over the weekend I was down to 1 crutch and feeling okay.  I couldn't put all of my weight on my left knee but I could walk with a limp and a crutch.   The last 2 days have been horrible and I am back on 2 crutches again.  I went to urgent care today and the doc did xray and blood test.  My UA level was only 6.7 – which is normal correct?  He told me that I am probably not in the acute phase right now so I can start my Allpurinol.  He gave me steroids and Tylenol with Codine.

    The xrays looked okay except for all of the fluid in front, behind, and underneath my knee cap.  I am wondering if 6.7 is too high and why my knee could possibly still be swelling.  Meds seem to be helping tonight and I can actually sit without being in excruciating pain.

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