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    Sorry to start a new thread, but thought it would stand more chance of being read.

    OK, so I have had my first attack and the Cochinine worked. My GP says that my SUA reading was 428. As you guys have said low readings are sometimes obtained during a Gout attack.

    My GP (I am due to see him on Friday) said that once 6 weeks have pased from my attack he will start me on Allo.

    Although it is 99% certain it was gout, there can still be some doubt as to whether another attack is inevitable in the future. Because of this, I have to ask, should I definitely start taking Allo.

    Say I adjust my diet and in a month get a SUA of 428 again. Is that high enough to justify the Allo. Do you think that with a reading like that I am sure to get another attack in the future. Do you think if I don't take Allo, I am missing vital time to reduce the UA even more and possibly stave off a possible attack.

    I am not scared of taking the pills but don't want to take them for the sake of it.

    Advice welcome on my next move. Cheers.


    Don't start taking allopurinol after just one attack. Since it's a lifetime drug you want to avoid even the SLIGHTEST possibility that you do not have gout. Taking a drug forever that is not needed seems awful beyond belief.

    Although that 428 reading (British units…comparable to a 7.2 American) is not HIGH-high, it is still high enough to precipitate uric acid.

    It is also low enough that perhaps you can control with low purine diet and fasting from beer.

    So, stay in the state of watchfulness and have another uric acid test for confirmation and wait. You'll either have another attack or you won't.

    The allopurinol is there if and when you need it.

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