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    Al O’Purinol


    Just wonder if anyone has done any control solution  tests with the UASure meter and strips?   It is supposed to verify that the test strips (and presumably the meter) are working properly.   Each test strip pack has a control range printed on it, and the meter should give a reading between these two values when the control solution is used on the strip in place of a blood sample.

    The first batch of test strips which I received were virtually all above the high limit marked on the pack and when the remainder of the pack were returned to the manufacturer, Apex Biotechnology, they were pronounced “out of range” and duly replaced.

    The next batch which I have received  is better, but still produces many control test results which are out of range (these are always high). 

    The handbook suggests that if the readings fall out of range, keep repeating the tests  until a reading falls within range.  I must be missing something here – does the meter learn something as it keeps doing control tests until one falls within expected range?   Unfortunately there is no further explanation given in the handbook.

    Can anyone explain please?


    The verification | calibration | Control Test ?procedure consists of the following steps:

    A) insert R1 strip into the meter (meter reads a reference resistor)

    B) insert R2 strip into the meter (meter reads a second reference resistor)

    C) meter answers with CTRL string on the screen


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?the meter entered into the calibration phase,?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?waiting for the droplet of the Control Solution

    D) insert test strip into the meter?

    E) drop a droplet of the Control Solution on to the test strip


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Based on reference reading (R1 and R2), the actual reading (acidity of the Control Solutionn?and the factory data?stored in the EEPROM (aka Code Card), the firmware calculates the calibration?parameters. The 'factory data' depends on the characteristics ?of the particular 'chemical batch' used?for the production of the test strips.



    ? ?Yes, repeating the calibration procedure, can | could make a difference. Calibration is a dynamic process.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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