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    Well, it was a good run.  Three whole months without a gout attack.  I was beginning to think that my body had rid itself of the last of the UA crystals that were residing in my joints and that life would be hunky-dory and 'normal' (what is that?) again.  Alas, it was too good to be true.  Yesterday I woke up with a sore big toe.  It was annoying, but nothing of serious concern, that is, until the afternoon.  Out of nowhere, the damn thing began to throb, turn red and hot, and swell like Violet after chewing the experimental gum in Willy Wonka. 

    Quick run down:  I've been on 600mg/day of Allopurinol for almost one year with SUA readings below 4.9 for over 10 months.  No alcohol, no red meat (hardly any meat) – eat very healthy.  Gout sufferer for 15+ years with attacks in multiple joints.  36 years old.

    Within the past month, I've started to exercise quite regularly and pretty intensely.  I've been mixing things up between yoga, mountain biking, hiking, weights, and cardio on different machines.  I've lost about 10 pounds over this time and have lost over an inch on my waist.  I've been pushing myself hard, but still trying not to overdo it.

    I know that exercise and rapid weight loss can cause attacks.  I was at a point, however, where I figured my body was pretty-well cleansed out.  This latest attack has proved otherwise.  The pain I experienced last night reminded me why I have to stay diligent.  Holy jumping up and down Martha did it hurt (and still does).  On one hand, I'm disappointed.  I'm making such good progress, getting in great shape again, and have been feeling healthier than I have in years and years.  The brakes have been slammed on that for a few days at least.

    On the other hand, perhaps this forcing of the issue (exposing deep-seeded crystal deposits) is a good thing.  It will help me get rid of the shit that is in my body faster.  If the crystals are there, they eventually would have reared their ugly head anyway – yes? 

    Crap, I'm trying to laugh this pain off, but it hurts.  I wish I could just sit here with a bottle Bushmills or a Bob Marley-sized joint, work, and forget the pain.  I'm actually more anxious over the fact that I'm missing out on a few days of exercise.  When I start getting this way, at least I know that I'm once again dedicated to getting in better shape.

    So, yeah, for those who are taking Allopurinol or any other gout drug, realize that it will take time.  Try not to get too discouraged and stay on the path you're on. 



    Did you seriously keep your water intake up with the meds use , Nate?

    Also- it seems you been pushing the exercise 'boat out' a bit far -after 15 years of damage.

    Patience..  but really sorry you've hit a bad patch!


    thanks, Trev.  I've actually been accused of drinking TOO much water!  I drink at least 4 liters/day – sometimes more depending on how active I am.  My only vice?  Mixing in a bit of Pepsi One while I'm working. 

    The funny thing with the exercise is that I'm not really doing a lot that would stress the joints directly.  Maybe on my hikes it would a bit, but the biking is fairly low impact along with the rest of the stuff.  I think it may have to do with getting my heart rate up for a sustained period, but I'm not expert on this.  I can't blame this latest attack on diet or drugs or anything else, so I'm thinking it has to be the exercise.

    Funny, isn't it – you try to do good for your body and this is how it reacts.  I always loved when doctors would tell me to get exercise while treating me for a horrible attack.  Um, yeah – how should I do that again?  Have you seen my ankle, buddy?  Cool

    Hope you're doing well, Trev.  I haven't gotten on this site as much as I've wanted recently.  Pretty busy right now, but in a good way!


    One thing you've forgotten Nate- Lactic acid!! Exercise creates it -and it competes with urate for excretion…

    Ta for good wishes-  now ticking along, but it's been a long year on the gout front having lost 3 months decent activity in all !


    We've seen quite a few people saying that heavier exercise has caused them an attack of gout over recent times. I think my own last attack had much to do with pushing myself pretty hard.

    My understanding is that the vast majority of uric acid is caused by the natural breakdown of the body. 80% or something. If we exercise hard I suppose we cause the body to break down even faster, perhaps much faster, which must cause a spike in uric acid. As we know with calorie burning, this can go on for some time after exercise has stopped.

    This hasn't stopped me from exercising, I still go to the gym regularly and still push quite hard, so far with no repeat. But I've been on allop for a year now and those tingly sensations get less and less and less. Maybe I've got rid of a good percentage of crystals. Keep going, Nate, you will surely get there.


    Nate are you still doing 600 mg. allopurinol? Have you checkd your uric acid recently.

    Do you have a bottle of colchicine on hand? I recommend that gouties keep a bottleful of colchicine in the medicine chest for at least the first 30 years.Surprised

    If you think about it, biking is probably a LOT of ankle and bunion joint work.

    Sorry you're hurting…I hope this is the last one.


    NateA said:

    Crap, I'm trying to laugh this pain off, but it hurts.? I wish I could just sit here with a bottle Bushmills or a Bob Marley-sized joint, work, and forget the pain.?


    Very well said!

    Nate, I am on the same boat as you, friend. I haven't had an attack in 9 months! Alas, all good things must come to an end especially for us gout-sufferers. You offered a lot of insight and info (Shout out to Trev and everyone else who offered wisdom and support!) when I posted my first 'Forum Topic'/cry for help:?Hereditary Gout at 23.?

    I was prescribed Allopurinol in early February this year. It worked like a charm, and I thought “Goodbye Gout!”. I watched what I ate and exercised regularly….that is, until the Holidays came. I'm currently in the throes of one of the worst attacks?(then again, aren't they all? lol!)?I've had . I was reckless with a non-existent diet, and had 'fallen off the wagon' like a former alcoholic at the Jack Daniels distillery! ??

    Anyways, I thought I'd drop by to offer support. I hope you feel better, bro.?

    Here's a link for a dialogue between Ben Franklin and the Gout I thought fellow gouties would enjoy:

    Gotta run! ….or limp

    Ben Franklin-Excellent link -so true of gouts' ass whipping tendencies… there's a cartoon to go with it somewhere.


    How are you feeling?

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