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    Hello I am new to gout, the swelling and pain started 2 weeks ago on my right toe. I went to the first doctor who checked ultrasound and found the fluid builtup on my joints and he gave me an injection of steroid right into the joint. Ouch but it helped subside the pain and swelling right the next day. Then I was put on some painkillers and anti inflammatory like voltaren 5o mg by an orthopedist since the pain and swelling started coming back. It did not work. Meanwhile I have done my blood tests. Blood Uric acid level is 7.7 I went to a rheumatologist yesterday and he gave me colchicine 1 mg twice a day for 2 days and then once a day for 2 days and then once in 2 days ….i have taken two tablets of colchicine so far but it does not seem to work…am I expecting relief too soon? I also read higher doses of colchicine that other gout sufferers take….is my dose right?
    I have missed a few days of work already since I can’t wear a shoe and it hurts after walking for a while. Is complete rest the only option? How do other people with gout manage going to work?
    I am told I should take zyloric only after 1 month. Does it usually take such a long time for relief from gout attack before taking zyloric to control Uric acid level?
    Thanks a lot.

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