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    Al O’Purinol

    I have a 23 year old pt. with major CPDD, left to him from Chemotherapy.

    I am reluctant to treat him because of his history, even though I know that FSM works incredible on this.   Ever heard of Orthosiphon Stamineus, for helping this???  Conventional Western Medications do nothing for him.  

    And why are these deposits so much more difficult to treat than Uric Acid??  

    The poor guy has had Leukemia, Testicular Cancer, and 2 hip replacement's, and 2 knee replacement's, due to the Chemotherapy.  Been in remission for two years.


    ACUP (acupuncture?)

    The poor guy's been through Hell and his pseudogout is from such an anomalous source (chemo) and at such an anomalous age (23) that you are breaking unique ground with him. If you can turn him around, keep good records because it might be Lancet-worthy.

    Really the symptoms are similar and the NAMES are similar but that's about it. It has nothing to do with gout.

    Why are CPDD so hard to deal with? Probably becauae calcium phosphate salts are so damn insoluble once they form.

    You're going to have to help me with FSM…it strikes a chord with me but that chord is FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER (the one and only true god.)

    Not familiar with the uses of Java tea.

    Jesus,  Leukemia AND testicular cancer…sure his name isn't JOB?


    Ah Zip, you’ve stolen my thunder on Flying Spaghetti Monster, so I’ll use my noodle and introduce you to Frequency Specific Microcurrent. It’s related to the TENS machine / low level laser that I know you are so fond of 😉

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