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    The “New GP Interactive” is certainly any improvement over the “old”. However, it took me some time to acquaint myself with it.

    I am just wondering if anything could be done to promote the QOL forum by keeping members here posted/ informed of what have been discussed so far, or the latest or “most recent topics”.? It would also be good if members/guests could be redirected to the main GP Interactive forum more easily, e.g. just by the click of a button.

    I am aware that you have made some provisions at the QOL Home page to link this QOL site with?your “Gout Information” and “Gout Support” sites.?

    if your main objective is not to “dilute the focus on the (GP)website, occasionally confusing visitors who are seeking gout support” the status quo is absolutely fine.

    This is only a thought/suggestion of mine.?


    Thank you for your comments, and continuing support, metamorph.


    I haven't put much effort into promoting the QOL site, as I want to focus on completing the improvements to this site and I also have other projects, in various stages of completion, with a common factor being my intent to expose myths and explain facts in many areas where I find the BS to CS ratio unacceptable. (bull shit to common sense).


    I plan to summarize the most popular topics from the old Water Cooler forum on the new QOL site. I like your idea of summarizing recent discussions from that site here, so I'll add a 'Latest QOL Discussions' section similar to the 'Latest Gout Discussions' on the right.


    I'm still not 100% convinced that Quality Of Life is the best title for the kind of interesting non-gout discussions that have taken place here, but as I cannot think of anything better, it will continue as QOL.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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