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    how do you use the Alkaline/acid charts I don't understand?Embarassed

    What have you heard about L-Lysing?


    Uric acid is more soluble at higher pH values, therefore if you alkalize your body, you reduce the risk of urate kidney stones, and there is a very, very small chance of reducing uric acid elsewhere by a very very small amount. The only reason I produced those charts is because some people recommend baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as a benefit for gout sufferers, but that is not suitable for high blood pressure sufferers.


    Quite frankly, it is amongst the least useful of information, and certainly nowhere near as important as establishing exactly what your uric acid level is and producing a plan to manage it.

    Iron, calories, & purines (in that order) are more important aspects of diet, and if you eat a healthy diet based on fresh food with plenty of fruit & veg, the acid/alkaline charts will probably not be relevant.

    I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but if you could be a bit more specidic about which part you do not understand, I'll try to give a better answer.


    I've never heard of L-Lysing. There is an amino acid called l-lysine, but it has nothing to do with gout.

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