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    Frank McAuley

    I have been taking 80 mg Febuxstat for approx 4 weeks and the uric acid level has fallen to a fairly consistent reading of 130 ?moL.
    Is it possible that uric acid is being”drawn-out”of the muscles and causing me discomfort in my calfs,ankles,feet and hamstrings ?
    I have been amazed at the “rate” @ which the Febuxstat has reduced the level of uric acid which had been around 450 ?moL BUT I’m hoping the blood tests which I’m due to take next week will not show any ill effects on the liver and kidneys! I avoided medication for 17 years but “gave-in”when I saw the ultrasound of my big toe joints but since Febuxstat is relatively new in this part of the world I would be delighted to hear any opinions you may wish to offer!

    Thankyou for an excellent and helpful site.surprised


    After 17 years of avoiding medication you have probably piled up a considerable amount of urare in the joints and tendons of your feet. It is the reduction of these deposits that is likely the casue of your continuing discomfort.

    There are cansequences of avoiding gout treatment for nearly two decades.

    Hang in there, you will probably see slow improvement.

    Do you have visible tophi on your feet (or fingers?)

    Keith Taylor

    I work on a rough rule that you should allow a month for every year of untreated gout to get rid of the old uric acid deposits. You might do it quicker if you get uric acid well below 5mg/dL (300 μmol/L) for several months.

    300 is the upper limit, so I hope you get below that – please let us know, Frank, when you get your test results.

    Search for ‘lower quicker’ or ‘Uric Acid Crystals: Time To Dissolve’ for more (copy to search box above, without the quotes)

    Frank McAuley

    Thankyou for replies. Obviously my first reply wasn’t registered,viz: i have deposits on both my ankles but they are recent,ie towards the end of 2011.
    The info so far is great in that it removes the unknown and hence the fear!

    Frank McAuley

    I have read the info on lowering U A and would ask your opinion please on the following:-
    1. would the use of a far-infrared Sauna help in removing the U A which is leaving (hopefully) the various parts of my body;
    2.when my rheumatologist examined me and used ulra- sound he started me on Febuxstat but there was no urine test as mentioned
    in this site-should there have been ( I also had an injection to prevent a “flare-up”);
    3.I have been taking the medication for a month now – is it time for a blood test and should I request a “full spectrum” test in
    addition to lipids.kidney and liver function?

    Is there any evidence or speculation to support a connection between cholesterol ratios and U A?


    Keith Taylor

    1. Sweating removes so little uric acid it is usually immeasurable or classed as near to zero as makes no difference. It will not harm you if you keep hydrated. Search for sauna in the box at the top of the screen for more details.

    2. The perfect diagnostic routine starts with a uric acid excretion test, as this gives you the extra choice of uricosurics such as probenecid to promote uric acid excretion if it is low. Because allopurinol and febuxostat are so effective, they will reduce uric acid production to the point where excretion rates are not important. Missing the urine test is not crucial. If febuxostat or allopurinol fail, probenecid might be relevant, but not worth worrying about now.

    3. Yes, it is time for a blood test. I have absolutely zero medical knowledge, and even if I had, it is wiser to discuss test requirements with your doctor. The only blood tests that I know to be relevant to gout, are uric acid liver function and kidney function. The first is a minimum once a year test for anyone who has had a gout attack or has had gout in the family. The function tests are for gout patients on febuxostat or allopurinol. If anyone knows of other tests that are relevant to gout sufferers, please share your knowledge in such a way as to be understandable to untrained people such as I.

    There is no direct connection between cholesterol and uric acid. However, elevation of those, together with elevated blood pressure and risk of diabetes are common statistically across groups of overweight people. I.e. it is a statistical connection with no known medical link. Best to focus on one thing at a time. Where positive advice, such as more exercise, matches high cholesterol, and high uric acid, then it becomes a priority.

    Exercise is also recommended for psychological problems such as depression associated with stress or trauma. Anyone want to join me on my daily walk? Springtime in Yorkshire is a great healer.

    Frank McAuley

    Thanks Keith. Most helpful.

    Frank McAuley

    Hi folks
    An update :-
    Blood test results today:- Urate 201; liver and kidney function fine. ( Urea 4.2)
    I have had continuing discomfort in lower legs,ankles and feet but I’ve had that in varying degrees over the years whilst I was trying to control gout with diet,suppltements and herbs . Eventually I ran out of luck and had to see a rheumatologist hence the Febuxstat which I have been taking for approx 4 weeks .
    I have been monitoring my U A levels since and they initially came down to 130 and remained around that ;the reading of 200 was from the G P today.confused
    To ease the discomfort which could possibly be due to U A dissolving out of the body a therapist utilised Acupressure Taping ( KINESIO TEX GOLD) on my ankles,instep and foot arch yesterday morning. During the evening and through the night this specific area became painful which caused me to remove the tape- the area under the tape was warm but otherwise normal. The feeling is that this tape ,acting on the acupuncture pts, “drew out” U A resulting in a reduced and defined ( by area) gout attack DESPITE the low level of U A in the blood! The area of the ankles still exhibits deposits of tophi although limited.
    May I please have your comments re my progressf along the path and this little possible flare up?

    Keith Taylor

    Frank has now moved to the new gout forum, to ask about Allopurinol And Colchine Dosage. Why don’t you join Frank and share questions, experiences, and opinions about gout. Maybe you could ask Frank about his febuxstat experiences, and how it compares to allopurinol?

    Febusostat has many different brand names around the world. Feburic, Adenuric, and Uloric are all pretty common. I’d love to know what it’s called in your part of the world.

    As Frank has moved to the new forum, I’m going to close this febuxstat discussion.

    I will continue to respond to other posts in this forum, but I will focus most attention on the new forum.

    Please make sure you switch your gout updates to the new forum at

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