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    We all know the debilitating effect of high UA to those of us with gout predispositions- but I 've been wondering if there's not [a lot] more to it.

    Reducing UA has been shown to help reduce BP in a US trial.

    It already has been pointed out that UA levels in the body are helpful on the immune sytem support of dealing with oxidisiing free radicals and maybe helping humans survive more easily.

    [Is there a payoff, after 'so long', here? – Gout….]

    Further the interesting fact that the debilitating and rather horrible Multiple Sclerosis [MS] doesn't co-exist with gout.

    Recent research has connected this to vascular restrictions in the neck affecting nerve function. [Sorry no link]- Maybe too busy elsewhere.. 🙁

    This makes me wonder if there are not interactions with UA that have never been investigated or fully understood which could have a bearing on the naturopathic treatment of gout- ie: Lifestyle/diet choices and behaviour.

    Melatonin which I lack, [have vitiligo-also hereditary immune problem] is involved in sleep, sleep apnea (gout related -cures with treatment, mentioned here)  *vascular and cardio health. It is in Cherries, in high amounts c.f. body levels-easily absorbed- surprise!

    The final thought this am. was the issue of near starvation extending test subjects [Rats?] lives substantially [ie: doubling]- was this also an effect of reduced UA helping them along?

    This effect is thought to apply to all mammals- though testing would be ethically impossible in human subjects.

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