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    I'm going through a LOT of paperwork in ppreparation for a move.

    I came upon a package insert from colchicne dated… Revised: 6/90

    from West-Ward Pharmaceuticals

    It says the dollowing:


    Colchicine should be started at the first warning of an acute attack; a delay of a few hours impairs its effectiveness.

    The usual adult dose is one or two tablets initially, followed by one tablet every one or two hours until pain is relieved, or nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea develops. Some physicians use two tablet every two hours. Since the number of doses required may range from 6 to 16, total dose is vartiable. As interval treatment, one tablet may be taken one to 4 times a week for the mild or moderate case, once or twice daily for the severe case.

    A corollary: I found out that my attack from Hell was April 1995…everything hammers me in April or November.

    On the basis of the above, I conclude that the AGREE study and the new guidlines for taking 3 pills to get 50% relief in a lot of cases that is promulgated by the Colchris  patent holders is complete and utter BULLSHIT.

    Unless the human genome has changed, the solubility of uric acid has changes or gout has changed into a more manageable  disease, the 3 pill Colchris regimen is dangerous nonsense. Sixteen Colchris will cost you $90.

    Write to the FDA head and tell her that. Write to Obama as well…he has LOTS of time on his hands.

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