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    I went to see my GP fvor some standard tests and everything went well for the most part.  UA was 4.5, BP 122/80, Lipid profile was: LDL-68, Trig- 118, HDL-29 and total-121.  Well I've been working very diligently over the past 6 months to get back in shape (quit smoking, reduced fat, exercised more, lost 5-10 lbs/cut body fat to 14%, drank a glass of red wine every night, etc).  I feel pretty darn good (aside from some minor gout pain here and there) but every category on my lipid dropped significantly…including HDL.  My doctor was pretty concerned and mentioned Niacin therapy but I've read that Niacin is bad for the liver and raises SUA.  I'm waiting on the results from a more advanced lip test where they are measuring particle size.  I should know more tomorrow.  Does anyone have any feedback on this? 


    Surprised Zip hasn’t come back to you on this. I found an old post of his on another forum saying fish oil omega-3 + powdered lecithin will help raise HDL levels. Low carb diet & garlic are good too.

    You might want to check out this site:

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