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    I have had gout for about 5 years off/on. I have just started to use AlloP . Normally I would treat my attacks with NSAID and colchocine but I am definately considering making a huge batch of BBB. Laugh

    My biggest concern is that I wonder if my feet ( the area that gets attacked the most ) will ever be “normal” again ? I have the big bunion like knob on the base of the big toe and its ugly ! Smile

    Anyways, thank you all for a great site I ! I have learnt a lot but mostly I have learnt that i am not the only one suffering ! Just one more thing … I think its very unfair that the medicine that relives your gout pain … sends you too the loo … forcing you to walk on your already painfull feet !

    Cheerio 🙂


    Hi zaleeu,

    I see no reason why your feet should not return to normal, now you are on allopurinol.

    Just be sure you get frequent blood tests to ensure your uric acid level is safe.


    Added two new weapons to the arsenal today.


    This is a homoeopathic medicine which promotes the elimination of excess uric acid and assists in the treatment of:

    • acidity


    Homoeopathic complementary medicine
    Each 1ml of liquid contains:

    Acidum benzoicum D10
    Bryonia alba Spag D8
    Calcarea carbonica D30
    Colchicum autumnale Spag D8
    Guaiacum officinale Spag D8
    Kalium muriaticum D6
    Ledum palustre Spag D8
    Lycopodium clavatum Spag D30
    Silicea D10
    Preservative: 20% Alcohol

    And Base Alkalising Salts ( Willow )

    Base Alkalizing Salts

    Product Application:
    An excellent alkalizing salt. Reduces systemic acidosis resulting in relief from gout and arthritis, fat deposition, oxygen depletion, cancer, yeast, parasite, viral and bacterial overgrowth.

    Will let you know how it goes 🙂

    Cheers !



    Zal- I’m all for alternative approaches ,if they can help, but how can you really test your new additions [above] if you are already on AlloP- a specific for Gout treatment?


    Well the AlloP is a given and I am not stopping taking that. Just looking for a way to control the flare-ups. So with the Alkalising Salts  I am using to contol the PH  – and testing the Gichtin at the moment to relieve pain ( similar to what the NSAID/Colchocine would have done.)

    I had a flare-up this morning ( its gone now ) so will be testing the Gichtin some more. If I can avoid NSAID's I would , due to their side-effects. Colcochine is also not the ideal solution for me, because having to run to the loo on an already very painfull foot, is not my idea of fun.





    Homeopathic medication is a waste of your money.

    How much allopurinol are you on?


    Idiot Doctor put me on 300 . I read now on the web that its way to high . So I have now lowered the dosage to around 100 . Google is my friend :).


    zaleeu said:

    Idiot Doctor put me on 300 . I read now on the web that its way to high . So I have now lowered the dosage to around 100 . Google is my friend :).

    Google is not your friend if it finds sites with irresponsible advice.Surprised

    100mg is a good starting dose to discount the very rare risk of severe allergic action. If that reaction does occur, the only option used to be a finely incremented dose increase to try to desensitize your reaction. Now there is the option of febuxostat. This does not apply in your case, zaleeu, as you have already shown that, like most people, you have no adverse reaction to allopurinol.

    The correct way to dose allopurinol, febuxostat or any other uric acid lowering program is to set a target uric acid level for the “cleansing period”, then increase the dose until that target, or an acceptable compromise is reached. The cleansing period can take several months, but once you have gone 6 months without a gout flare, and there are no visible signs of uric acid deposits (tophi), then you can relax the dose to maintain a uric acid level around 6mg/dL. It must never rise above 6.5 mg/dL

    Please arrange a schedule of blood tests, and get the right dose to keep your uric acid level in the 3 to 4 range for a few months. That is your best chance for reducing the risk of more gout flares.

    It's also the best chance for us to see more of your exceptional art, Nick. For that, Google is definitely my friendSmile



    From what I have observed, 300mg. is the most common and safest dose.

    Those who are on 100 mg. tend to be those who have one attack after another…it seems to be just enough to irritate gouty deposits without resolving them. With tophaceous gout (knob on bunion) resulting from many years of improper treatment, the 100 mg. dose will prove totally inadequate, probably worse than nothing.

    Consider following your doctor's (and my) advice regarding that 300 mg. dose. I would likely consider it a minimum dose.


    @zip2play – thanks I have gone back to the 300 mg and I dont seem to have any adverse reactions.

    @ Goutpal – Its strange but I create my best art when I am in Pain ( can we say gout ! 🙂 .


    Goutpal – Its strange but I create my best art when I am in Pain ( can we say gout !

    Just look at the life of Van Gogh!


    zip2play said:

    Goutpal – Its strange but I create my best art when I am in Pain ( can we say gout !

    Just look at the life of Van Gogh!

    I am sure he had gout as well ! LaughWink


    Oh what a dilemma – fix the gout but lose your artCry

    I have a better life plan for you – fix your gout, but if you need inspiration, we'll come round and kick you.Surprised


    Where's the art?


    Here's the ART and the PAIN


    I never knew the pain can be colorful too.  The yellow color looks like beer sending the urate crystals(flying birds) into the storming and roaring urate pool ( blue).


    odo said:

    Where's the art?

    I found some of Nick's art by googling zaleeu.


    Zaleeu: “Someone once told me that artists create their best work when the are emotionally stressed.

    Well, just lucky for me, I happen to be in agony.”

    I Miss You By Zaleeu


    Beautiful artworkl!

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