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    Hello to all….

    I have posted twice before in regards to my on going gout problem from last 11 years. getting worse as I get older…

    went to see my doctor for blood test. the result reads (0.52mmol/l) i asked what was it  in old money because reading something like 6/7/8…. sounds very familiar to me but it was something very different/strange. he said he couldn't help me  and I had to find it myself in the Internet. so I tried but it is so confusing as there are hundreds of  different options. can anyone please help me to find the familiar sounding reading IE 6/7/8.

    he aslo recomended me to go on allopurinol tabs300mg and waited for my decision/reply. ofcourse, it was such a big decision to make to go on tablets for rest of my life as I am just 38. I replied him that if this was the only option left I had no choice. so I picked up the prescription and walked off the room  looking very confused.Confused

    i actually haven't bought the tablets yet as I thought to share my story to you all before I go any further…..

    any input by anybody is greatly appreciated. looking forward to hearing altos of comments from all of you please….


    I had that problem also when my first blood test was in umol.

    My calculation suggests a level of 8.74 mg/dl.


    something is wrong here mmol is millimol, and the ususal British measurement is in Micromoles abbreviated with a gamma which I cnnot reproduce in a hurry.


    I think the 8.8 is about right. Multiply by 1000 and divide by 59 approx.

    The joys of not being metric!

    It's a high reading, so without a lot of other work with diet etc the meds approach is far from outlandish. 40 isn't exactly middle aged, these days- but you know what to expect, if left untreated!

    Maybe a slow start on 100mg would be worth a try- to see if you are happy on AlloP?


    Hi everyone….

    thanks for reply. i myself worked out (8.74) like nokka. but i was not sure about it so thought to ask you all.

    i didn't quite understand zip, what do you mean by something is wrong? i double checked on the paper that doctor gave me and it is written in nice and clear hand writtings (for change…!) mmol/l. yes, i am in UK (Kent)

    Trev, are you suggesting me to go back to my doctor and ask him for 100mg allopurinal instead of 300? or take 300mg for time being and go for blood test in about 6months time and ask him to decrease the dose? i still haven't bought the medication yet and wouldn't buy until i finalise everything.

    it is scary isn't it trev (having to go on AP at this age….)

    confused as anything…Confused

    hoping to hear from you all.

    thank you.


    Look up.

    No, look up a bit more (this page, not your ceiling)

    Under 'Reference', seek out Uric Acid Levels, and all your liters, litres and moley conversions will be revealed.

    Yes, it's 8.74mg/dL and a little bit.

    More importantly, it's a long way above the .35 mmol/L that you need. Go to the chemist now.

    Do not see this as a big scary decision on tablets for the rest of your life. Celebrate the fact that the problems you've suffered for about one third of your life will cease to be a burden for the coming decades.


    What I'm saying- and it's your decision, is  – If you don't start AP now- then you will have to get a lifestyle overview sorted and really work hard to stay on top of gout, without meds.

    I didn't get gout till 60 or so- fortunately, but even then I'm trying to manage without meds on top of my BP ones. That is my choice- and I no longer work! This is  some latitude for me.

    For you, I would think once you establish compatibility with the AP @ 100mg you can increase it weekly to the correct dose for you- as illustrated on many posts here and keep a firm eye on your blood tests frequency and actual levels.

    With this approach you will get on top of the problem in a proven way- at the same time gaining confidence in your gout management.

    It's not scary, really. It may well get a lot more painful, if you don't act now you are 'on the case' for real !

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