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    Hello everyone. This site is the BEST gout resource on the web. I really appreciate all the honest and useful information I have received from this site. I am 26 and am currently going through the worst attack I have ever had. I am about 12 pounds over weight and have no other health problems. I was first diagnosed with gout at 23. I have had maybe one or two attacks a year since then but nothing major. However, last month, I woke up one morning and my right toe was in excruciating pain.

    When I was first diagnosed with gout, I was prescribed Allopurinol. I thought I was too young to take the drug so I tried to control the gout with diet and lifestyle changes. I was told that Allopurinol may damage my liver or kidneys later in life.

    My present attack has competely changed my view on the disease. I NEVER EVER want to go through this kind of pain again. I am usually a very happy person but this attack has made me slightly depressed. I do not want to live like this. I have such a long life ahead of me and I do not want this disease to slow me down or run my life. I run my own successful company and have many employees who rely on me for their livelihood. I have family and friends who rely on me daily. I just don't know what to do anymore.

    This recent gout attack put a stop to everything in my life. I could barely walk for the last three weeks. I had to work from home and lost a lot of money. I date a very beautiful young lady and I could not even go out to her medical school graduation ceremony because of the gout. This gout is making me feel like a 26 year old stuck in a 80 year old's body.

    Things I have done since the attack started last month:

    1. A glass of organic concentrated tart cherry juice daily
    2. Two tablespoons of ACV daily
    3. I have been drinking 16 glasses of water a day for the last three weeks.
    4. Baking soda
    5. Soaking my foot in a heated foot bath daily for an hour or two (115 Degrees F)
    6. Controlled diet

    In spite of everything, the attack is not going away. The weather outside is beautiful here in Ohio and I really want to go outside and run and be normal. I bought a brand-new red sports car the day before I got the gout attack and have not even had a chance to properly enjoy it yet. My friends want me to go with them to Ireland next month and I don't even know if the pain will be gone by then. I am just not very happy these days.

    I guess the point I am trying to get at is – Should I bite the bullet and start taking Allopurinol?

    Thanks for reading this!


    sean said:

    I guess the point I am trying to get at is – Should I bite the bullet and start taking Allopurinol?

    Yes and continue to lose weight GRADUALLY and eat healthy! Cut out the typical American meat based diet. AlloP will cause more attacks at the start but that is part of the process.

    I am 36 and still young I think. I feel very depressed too because of my foot and what the future holds. Such nice weather and I can't even go for my 3-4 hour long bike rides Embarassed



    A YES to allopurinol if this is your third or fourth attack. A NOT YET if it's only your first or second. If you choose to start the drug it is best to start AFTER this attack has abated lest it get even worse. Allopurinol will do nothing to stop an active attack.

    Your immediate goal is to stop this attack and nothing will stop it faster than a proper dosing with colchicine. Call your doctor to call in a prescription for a bottle of 60 tabs or so…you may need 16 of them in one day. Since your attack has gone on so long, I think you need need all 16.

    The method to take the stuff is repeated several times in GoutPal. You might see it referred to as Zip's method or Zip's cure. If you cannot find it, just ask after you get the Rx filled and I'll repeat it.

    I sympathize with you both about not being able to get out in this gorgeous weather…I am into day 4 of a horrible cold so no bike for me either. We had a solid MONTH of rain and I was fit as a fiddle…God LOVES to toy with us!


    zip2play said:

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    …nothing will stop it faster than a proper dosing with colchicine. .…you may need 16 of them in one day. Since your attack has gone on so long, I think you need need all 16.

    …God LOVES to toy with us!

    Zip, I have to butt in here:

    YOU are NOT his doctor, so, please, don't advise him to take 16 Colchicines a day. He may have to run to the john faster than his gouty feet will allow him and may be there longer and more often than his body would appreciate. If you do advise, tell him to start with 2 or 3 a day, or 1 every 3-4 hours, and possibly take some naproxen/aleve. However, his doctor, preferrably a rheumatoligist, should be the advising person.

    God does not toy with us, since he is only the figment of our imagination. It's our life style, the  chemically contaminated food, which the food giants shove down our throats, the meds/drugs the pharma and medical industries get us hooked on, and our inheritance from our parents and their ancestors which we so freely inherit, that toy with us.


    Thanks for all the advice guys. I will try to see a rheumatologist as soon as possible. My GP told me it could be a six week wait. I am going in to the doctor on Monday again to see what options I have. This morning I woke up and 85% of the pain was gone just like that. However, I am afraid that it may return. I guess the best thing for me to do is stay positive and not let gout get to my head. I will update everyone after I see my doctor on Monday.


    YOU are NOT his doctor, so, please, don't advise him to take 16 Colchicines a day.

    I will advise precisely what I wish to advise and if you don't like it, LUMP it.

    Advise whatever YOU wish but don't presume to tell me what I can or cannot post. My post to someone else is none of your business and nobody has appointed you my editor.

    We are all adults and we take or leave information as we choose. Grow up!


    Thanks for the input and advice guys. Just a quick update. I saw a new doctor and he said that gout in young people is usually caused by an underlying kidney issue. How legitimate is this? I  had a number of blood tests done yesterday because the doctor wants to make sure a kidney problem is not the cause of gout. Are kidney problems and gout closely related?

    This new doctor told me to hold off on the Allopurinol until my test results come back. Not sure where he is going with this.

    My last attack lasted seven painful weeks. I now drink a ton of water each day. Water has been the absolute best natural gout remedy so far for me.

    Anyways, my primary concern at the moment is the relationship between kidney problems and gout. I hope they find nothing. I'll keep everyone updated.


    Sean – I only have one kidney but didn't find this out until late last fall.  This was never known because tests throughout my life had always shown normal kidney functions.  All doctors / specialists I have spoken to since finding out suspect that it MAY  be one reason for my gout but definitely isn't the only reason. 

    This might not be pertinent to what you're asking, but I thought I would share that little fact.  However, besides getting my UA checked monthly, I also have other tests performed such as kidney functions, liver functions, cholestorol, etc…

    I really hope your kidneys are fine.  Trev is totally right  – live with gout but not without kidneys!

    take care


    Thanks Trev and Nate. The results come back early next week so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I never had kidney related symptoms but the doctor's comment about gout and kidney problems being closely related got me a little worried. It's burdensome enough dealing with gout when you are in good health otherwise.

    I should also note that my new health care facility is the well reputed Cleveland Clinic. My old doctor was a quack. He had no idea how to treat gout. He would sit next to me and literally do Google searches on gout during my checkups. He would also say things like “Is it really that painful?” What a nutcase. He probably bought his Stanford med school diploma online.


    Yeah, I don't wish to be mean- but when asked these pain questions it would be nice to have a button on the mobile that deliivered a 1 min [to be kind about this] dose of gout pain to the questioner, as a response.  Particularly good for medics, who don't 'get it'.

    Mind out though, we don't get overmuch sympathy now  – and this may not help improve things  ;~)

    Mr. Anon

    Just had my first attack of gout. I’m 28, 6′ 180lbs at 6% body fat…which is not the main factor for us, I have an eight pack and have never been overweight with fat, I was 240 lbs when powerlifting in the USN, technically “overweight”. It sounds like it’s the pressures your under, especially your business. My gout came the same way. Its not the pressure for success, its the self responsibility you absorb from each employee you hire…to be the source of livelihood for each of them and their families, its a heavy weight and the gout is just that pressure showing itself physically. Keep your head up and try to find something to relieve some of the stress that puts on you. I’m still wrapping my head around the subconscious pressures internally forced upon being the best employer I can. Growing a business like a family is tremendously hard, but dont lose that aspect. Good luck with everything. P.S.- Toys can be fun, but can add pressure. I did the same thing after reaching a business milestone, finally selling my beast was the best thing possible. Made improvements for my workers and then gave a 5k christmas bonus which was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Keep up the good work, your employees really appreciate it.

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