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    Al O’Purinol

    Have suffered from gout for a number of years after being treated for hypertension for about 30 years. A friend told me about her father having a gout attack several years ago and he was prescribed over the counter magnesium and B6. He was gout free until another doctor years later advised him to go off of the magnesium/B6, after which he had another flare-up. So, back on the magnesium/B6 he went, and has had no attacks since.

    Anyone had any similar experience?s


    I've seen several reports of magnesium being used to treat pseudogout, but none regarding normal gout.


    Most magnesium salts tend to be stong alkalizers..whether the oxide(hydroxide), the carbonate, the phosphate or the citrate.

    So, if they have an effect on gout it will be a positive.

    Your friend gives some good anecdotal evidence.

    As for B-6, almost all claims of “cures” from megavitamin therapy are  shown to be of no validity, B-6 included.


    I suppose our OP guest has long gone- but it would be good to know why the usefully acting Mg was stopped!

    it is apparently commonly quite low in Western diets in any case.

    I've got loads of old data on paleolithic diets etc. which address these deficiencies but now the web is so well informed- new searches would raise the same points.

    Almonds are a good alkalising source of Mg.


    Just picked up on this POST and it supports my use of Epsom salts in a foot bath which gives me relief and reduces the inflammation.


    I've had some success with our old favourite Soda Bicarb as a foot soak when inflamation is high and relentless.

    They are are both recommended eleswhere as bath additives -together as detoxing  [@ one cup level] which I've tried.

    If I remember it right -one stops the other allowing reabsorption of anything that may leach out through the skin.

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