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    Sorry if what i'm asking is already in these forums – i can;t access “” pages, only “” ones…

    Anyway, been a gouty for 8 years. I have 2 or 3 flare ups a year, one bad attack a year. I try to watch my diet, but that's all. Two months ago, had a bad attack after being stupid with my diet for too long, and this was a real bad-un. Doc gave me Colchine and Allo for the first time. I also bought a meter. Readings of 7.5 before starting Allo, now down to avg 5.2 with 300mg Allo. This reduction bought on a flare up, and i followed advice here on the forum and took twice as much Cochine as the doc (and packet) toild me. I started with 2 pills, then followed with one every two hours till bed time. Took 6 (amybe 7) in the end. Results was “the trots” and i spent 2 days on the toilet. That's where it all went wrong, because being a dumb-ass and knowing that de-hydration is one of my big killers, i failed to even bother trying to replace any of the lost liquid. 2 days later, Xmas day !? Yes, dumb and dumber then decided that with a 5.2 reading i could drink and eat my way through Xmas. So, 2 days, alcohol my only liquid intake, overdid the turkey and stuffing.

    Yesterday, woke up with the most painful kidney i could ever beleive possible. Almost akin to a full gout attack. Spent the whole day in A&E with blood test, urine test, Xray and scan. They found a few stones, 4mm big, told me i'd be able to piss them out, so gve me pain killers and stuff.

    So, my quaestion to all you fellow gouties – i can;t read all the pages on kidney stones, and would? welcome any feedback and advice. I'm now drinking like a fish (do they actrually drink?) to clear the stones, and i'm considering Baking Soda as well. Is this the best approach?

    Now i've had 'em once, am i doomed to re-occurance?

    How long will it take to piss em out?

    Will i know when i have?

    Got a trip to San Francisco in 3 weeks time, and REALLY don't wanna miss it !


    There's plenty of info online if you google Kidney stones. It would be handy to know what type of stones they are – most stones are calcium based, so not necessarily directly due to gout. Put a sieve in the pan when you pee and try to catch some to show your Dr – I think you'll certainly know when you're passing them if they're 4mm. The pain tends to move down to the groin as they pass into the bladder and beyond Frown Good luck.


    jamespond said:

    Sorry if what i'm asking is already in these forums – i can;t access “” pages, only “” ones…

    Sorry – now fixed.


    As for the stones, without an analysis, it's hard to know the best treatment. One reason why DECT technology is so welcome is that it allows hospitals to check stone composition in order to determine best treatment. Bicarbonate is good for urate stones, but ineffective on calcium stones.

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