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    I just found out I have gout. I have apparently had this problem for the last 3 years however the Marine Corps misdiagnosed me and now after getting out I found out that my level is currently at 11. Well now they got me on some medication and been taking this medication since Saturday and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I had a follow up appt with the doctor today 2 days later and they gave me something that is used for flare ups. Well hopefully this helps but my foot is still swollen and cant weight bare. I’ve seen numerous people say use ice and others saying dont use ice but to use heat. When I tried heat it seems to make it worse. Anyone know a good answer on this?

    Hopefully this will be taken care of soon.


    before i new better i tried ice i won’t make that mistake again. have your doctor call in a scripe for colchicine.

    Keith Taylor

    The problem with ice is, whilst it will relieve swelling, cold also lowers temperature, thus causing uric acid crystals to form more easily.
    If ice was the only alternative, then it would be acceptable, but there are lots of other ways to relieve gout pain.
    When you want to control gout, you must start with the intention to lower uric acid – the only way to stop gout long-term is to get uric acid safe. Short term gout pain relief is completely different – just because something stops the pain today, does not mean that it cannot make it worse next week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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