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    I am a 37 year old male. 10 years ago I got my first case of gout – bright red toe, that was very painful even if touched by a sheet. Since then I have had one more case like this, but numerous cases (30+) of swollen painful joints in the ankle, foot, heel, knee, and wrist. When these attacks have occurred it has not be following any injury, but the joint has been unable to bear weight, and has been swollen for about a week. Typically the pain is in the feet and moves around the foot from the side to the back over the course of the 7 days. I have been to the doctors for uric acid tests which have provided to be higher than expected during the out break.

    Question is does it sound like gout in my joints? Should I go on a daily dose of Allopurinol or try something else?




    It sounds VERY MUCH like gout and you should have your uric acid tested. If it is high, you should get on a regimen of allopurinol or febuxostat if you are in a country that has approved it.

    If you want to be ALSOLUTELY sure its gout you have two options:

    1.the next attack have your joint aspirated and the fluid examined under a  polaroid microscope to look for dendritic crystals

    2. take a course of colchicine…it it quickly stops the pain it is gout.

    Longer term evidence is if the incidence offoot pain decreases markedly over the months of treatment to allopurinol, it was  gout.

    But there is one that is the easiest diagnosis: IF you awaken at dawn with a bunion joint that hurts like Hell, is almost impossible to step on and if in the ensuing hours it gets purple, hot and hurts worse and worse and worse, and you know you didn't injure it the day before, it's gout!

    The only realistic treatment is allopurinol (in the U.S.)…the alternative is a shortened painful lifespan.

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