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    I'm new to the forums. ?I'm from the Philippines and I happened to stumble into this site. ?I had gout since 2006 I was 25. ?didn't have any idea what it was both my ankles got swolen until I went to a doctor who is my cousin and he said it looked like arthritis and gave me a blood test. ?As he expected my uric acid level was very high. ?He gave me colchicine and Alluporinul but was not really effective for me. ?I would get attacks once every two ot three months and it was a real pain because I'm in law school and I couldn't walk. ?Thankfully I am going to be a senior next year and hope to finish the course. ?I found apple cider vinegar to be really effective as a preventive remedy. ?I have been taking apple cider vinegar since 2010 and my gout doesn't attack as much often as before. ?I only get it once a year now and if lucky maybe and hopefully never.


    Hi kuya, I too suffer from gout and I am filipino. You didnt metion if you stop taking allopurinol.

    Sorry my tagalog is very bad. Hoping things go well with your studies. By the way taking apple cider vinegar doesnt stop your UA level from going higher.


    Hi loiusgeorge…

    I hope you are taking your allopurinol daily. That is the way to manage gout for a lifetime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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