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    Hello to all,

    my apology that English is not my first language. (but there is no advantages at all ,because the pain of the gout don't get any better or easier!!)

    i am 38 and suffering from gout from last 10 years. at first, i used to get attacked once in a year or once in a year or half or so… as time passed by i started to get more and more attacks and they are more and more aggressive too. i only take diclofenac sodium 100mg when ever i get attacked and try to minimise too. now, i am seriously thinking about going on Allopurinal (which is i always wanted to avoid….) it is so scary thought of having to go on pills for rest of my life. then again, it is also so painful and worrying having to take time off from work (as my boss is very strict. he is not interested to know what is the pain of gout fees like.) i am going to see my doc for blood and urine test. in  mon19 oct. i don't know what the reading going to be like but one thing i am sure of is, it has to be the “allopurinal” or “not” . to be honest, i don't like either way. please please please help as i am very confused. also, would be grateful if anybody can explain me the serious side effects of AP in long term use; and also the serious effects in health if i don't go on AP. by the way, my dad suffers from gout, i don't drink or smoke and work nights from last 5 years.   I am 5ft 4inch tall and 68 kg in weight. exercise twice a week (run 1hr:30 mins each time)

    grateful for any help and assistant on this matter.

    thank you.

    ([email protected])


    Fun1- you will see plenty of advice on here about reducing SUA.

    If you are getting severe attacks and starting to lose work then I can't see why AP is so bad an option. It's effective and the serious side effects are in the few percent- from all I read.

    I've only had one attack this year and I'm seriously considering the long term prognosis with tophi etc. without UA lowering therapy- so I think you know what is needed and you just need to be persuaded to 'jump'. It can easily be stopped if problematic , after all.

    Your Dad can help you in this ,surely- as a long time sufferer. What does he recommend?- you will be like him in a few years- so listen up! Cool



    thank you sir for your reply. as far as my dad's recommendation is concerned, there is no help or recommendations at all for (different reason.) i just thought to mention it to tell that it  runs in the family. i think i have some idea from your letter on what step to take next. 

    now couple of question came on my mind:

    my last attack was about 3 weeks ago and it was major attack and lasted for about a week or so. managed to pass it thourgh by the use of almighty diclofenac 100mg.(off work for 3days again, boss was not happy.) as i mention going on blood and urine test on Monday.

    • what if UA level comes more-less normal ? (because i am not suffering from attack now.) and doc don't recommend allopurinal? ( i am sure i will have another attack later on in future. it is just a matter of time.) what do i do at that stage?
    • apparently, vitamin C supliment is good for gout sufferers. is it ture? i have even bought 250mg tablets but haven't started to use it.
    • is it the substitute of allopurinal?
    • thank you.

    I would wait until your blood test result- I doubt from what you say that SUA will be normal, but that is no reason for excess worry.

    This is a step by step approach and you can use specific advice from your doc. and general advice/support from here. The main thing is to get a strategy that suits your situation.

    Vitamin C at 250 mg is marginal  [a daily back up amount] and I doubt it will affect the issue. It is not a substitute for UA reducers. In very large amounts it is supposed to be good for so much- but I personally wouldn't take megadoses.


    Diclofenac is not a good pain reliever for gout because it retains uric acid.

    Have yours tested ASAP. If it runs over 7.0 go on allopurinol IMMEDIATELY, 300 mg. The odds are EXTREMELY hight that you will never suffer a single side effect from the drug. You will need regular blood tests to make sure your uric acid is staying below 6.0. or even 5.0.

    Untreated gout will kill you if you live long enough.

    How does your father treat HIS gout?

    Vitamin C is NOT a substitute for allopurinol. Since it is an extremme urine acidifier I think it is detrimental to gout sufferers but that filies in the face of the Pauling theories that Vitamin C cures EVERYTHING.<rolling eyes>


    hello zip2,

    as far as my dad's gout treatment is concern, i have no communication with him for a long- long time. so i can't answer that question. but i know that he suffers from  quite a bad/aggressive form of gout.

    every time i get gout attack, i take diclofenac100mg. as i said before, i try to minimise the use of this medication. effect of this on me is unpredictable. sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn't or(takes long). that means again, (time off work/more trouble).

    i have more-less decided to go on allopurinal. (provided my UA reading going to be/will be more then 6 or 7.) now, i am likely to get couple of more attacks when AP flushes the whole system in my body. what is the best and most effective anti inflammatory pain killer available in UK so that i can ask my doctor to prescribe.

    thank you.


    See recent post  on both alternative UA reduction and Colchicine comments at the end.

    This is the most common drug for Gout easing- but it's not a straight painkiller so your previous high usage of Diclofenac may affect your response. I'm surprised you haven't already tried it!

    For pain killing purpose – I use Codeine/Paracetamol dispersables quite effectively- but they can't stop the worst pain periods, tbh.



    Don't necessarily assume that starting allopurinol WILL bring on attacks, it just MAY; I never triggered any and I went right onto 400 mg.

    To lower the chances you could take one or two colchicine every day WITH the allopurinol for the first month or two.



     Thank you very much for your kind help and support. I really appreciate. I am going to see my doctor on Monday (2days time) for urine and blood test and further more discussion in regards to my gout treatment. I definitely will keep you updated.

    Thank you once again.

     have a nice and 'pain free' weekend.

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