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    Al O’Purinol

    Here or Water Cooler? It's not meant to be serious, but it is about gout. And it makes be feel noble (or nobbled Smile).

    From “The glorification of gout in 16th- to 18th-century literature“:

    While praise of podagra is currently in short supply, the merits of gout have been extolled over the centuries by physicians and laypersons. In the past, gout was regarded as a badge of nobility, a talisman against other afflictions and an aphrodisiac

    As I mentioned in the article where I first heard about it:

    Curiously, it contains a section claiming gout having aphrodisiac properties, yet Mrs GoutPal’s constant complaint is that the swelling only affects my joints.

    Alas, I note that the article is courtesy of the Canadian Medical Association. My gout forum regulars from the Big Country believe this work represents current best practice.

    Time now, for my Canadian friends to rush to the defence of their medics (or confirm my miserable suspicions).


    A lovely tongue in cheek story  indeed!

    We know that if gout presents- it will be more 'biting the cheek' that occurs though…

    MS and Parkinsons are mutually exclusive with gout on recent research and it's been discussed here  a bit that high UA helps with antioxidant levels in the immune system.

    Not only are gouties tending to success, high intelligence and black humour they are now supposed to be getting more than their 'fair share'- this I doubt greatly, as Zinc levels being high make Iron absorption high and thus gout more likely.

    So in fact, no 'nookie' means more pain elsewhere..

    We all know the syndrome -that the more one wants something the higher priced and further away it goes, somewhat like an actual cure for gout itself Cool

    Someone was dreaming again… Cry


    trev said:

    MS and Parkinsons are mutually exclusive with gout on recent research

    Not quite – lower  incidence of these, but not impossible to co-exist

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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