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    I am on Allopurinol and cannot take NSAIDs (they cause high blood pressure, which I already take an ACE inhibitor for)…I still have frequent and painful attacks….my doctor said that Ucosuric wil not make any difference because my uric acid levels are not high….also, should I be taking Allopurinol and ACE inhibitors? What is the info on ACE inhibitors and cancer (it runs in my family as does heart disease)…so I am doomed, right ? lol I am a 54 yr old female


    We need a bit more information to help you.


    How long have you been on allopurinol, and at what dose? It can take several months for allopurinol to get rid of the uric acid crystals that cause gout pain (See Allopurinol Medication: The Gout Cure That Can Hurt for more info). Once you get rid of the old crystals pain releif is not required, but until then, ask for colchicine.


    What are your exact results for uric acid? High / Low / Normal, are meaningless – it is the actual number that matters (see Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks! for explanation).

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