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    I just had my level taken. It was 7.1

    Does this mean I have Gout and will this number go down with out medication ?

    Ron Avery

    Hi Parker,

    Having high uric acid levels doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have gout symptoms. However, and Keith will most certainly correct me if I’m wrong, high uric acid levels can lead to all sorts of health issues so you want to get your uric acid level down to below 5. This can be accomplished sometimes by diet and most certainly by medication such as Allopurinol or

    Since you are not having any symptoms I would have my level tested again as uric acid levels do fluctuate. If it’s high again then you have to decide how you want to proceed in order to reduce it.

    Wether you decide to try to reduce it by diet or medication there is a wealth of information and advice on this site to help you.

    Good luck,

    Keith Taylor

    Hi Parker,

    I agree with everything Ron says (apart from his spelling of Uloric! Sorry Ron 😉 )

    If you are not having gout symptoms now, you don’t need medical intervention. I guess there is an argument for early intervention to avoid pain in future. For now, I recommend a watching brief.

    In many cases, this is an early warning that your lifestyle needs a makeover. What’s your weight and diet like?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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