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    Just recently went to the doctor and was diagnosed with gout in my left toe.  I am 35 years old, and definitely have some extra weight to lose around the middle.  About 2 months ago, I started up an exercise routine involving cardio on the elliptical or bike, and then I hit the heavy  bag for 20-30 minutes.  Also throw in lunges and wall burnouts with a medicine ball.  Physically I have started to feel great, and my clothes are nearly falling off me.  I thought I had injured myself, but apparently not!!

    My doctor thinks my bout of gout(no pun intended) may be caused by some kind of diet change within the last couple months, but after reading up on this, I seem to think maybe I've overdone it in the gym. 

    I've always enjoyed a good cold beer and a nice steak, who doesn't!  This can be cut out with little to  no issues.  My initial Uric Acid level was at 10.  If I am to reduce this to a normal level within a couple months, what are some suggestions to do this?


    Hi GrimmJV,

    I've moved your post here as it was in the middle of a topic about something completely different. It's not that I'm a stickler for etiquette, but when you do that, it either spoils the flow of the topic, or (as in this case) you get ignored.

    There is no doubt that heavy exercise will increase uric acid, but this is a very short term thing. Levels retain to normal after a few hours. In fact, with regular exercise, although this peak occurs, you tend to fall back to a lower level – regular exercise is good for gout.

    We all try to look for reasons when gout occurs, but there are just too many variables to consider. Losing weight may help, but this is best done by taking urate lowering therapy at the same time. Rapid weight loss is one of the sure-fire ways of raisng uric acid. Discuss a six month course of allopurinol with your doctor to keep your uric acid down as you get back into shape.

    At the same time, arrange for a 24 hour urine test to see if you are under-excreting uric acid.


    A uric acid of 10 is quite horrifically high. If it is reproducible you should get on a drug quickly.

    I concur that rapid weight loss ALWAYS involves tissue breakdown even if we pray to Zeus to make it all fat. Lean tissue breakdown causes the release of copious amounts of nucleic acids whose end point is uric acid. The kidney can only sparsely and slowly get rid of the stuff so it crystallizes in the colder joints.

    Have the urine test soon but it's not mandatory and then get on the appropriate drug (allopurinol <most likely> or probenecid.) You want a lifetime with uric acid below 6.0 mg/dL. If your level was 7.0, there would be a CHANCE that you might respolve the problem with “good living” but with a 10.0 you must take solace in the old DuPont logo: “better living through chemistry.” <You may be too young to know that motto.Cool>

    Every time you see your doctor make sure he pulls blood for another uric acid test.

    If the pain gets intense, the best treatment is temporary colchicine but that is just for acute attacks.

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