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    Hi, I've suffered from gout attacks for over a decade, fortunately not that frequently, but it's still very painful when it happens.

    I have treated the condition with colchicine, which is effective but has unpleasant side effects (running to the loo…)

    I have also treated the condition with traditional Chinese medicine.

    I was wondering if anyone had investigated the effect of moderate excercise on gout – would the flushing out of lactic acid which is produced by excercise have some beneficial effect of the build up of uric acid ?

    Any views welcome.


    Exercise breaks down tissue and the nucleus of cells is rich in purines which break down to uric acid as an endpoint.

    Exercise also CREATES lactic acid from partial breakdown of glucose during anaerobic work, thus acidifying the body slightly and uric acid precipitates more readily in acidic joints and tendons.

    Both situations predispose to a gout attack.

    But of course, moderate exercise has so many other benefits it remains a wise choice in spite of not really being particularly good for our gout.


    Still recovering from my gout attack almost 7 weeks ago. I'd love to walk a couple blocks and get back to do some moderate exercise, but, when I walk and bend my toes while walking, it's still a little painful in the big toe joint. Since it's warm weather here, now, I'm anxious to get out and become more active. My work involves some walking, but that's not concentrated exercise, say a block or two of steady walking. I'm so looking forward to the results of my blood test to see if my UA declined, due this Friday, and I'm still dropping weight, about 2-3 lbs./week. My gout attack was the worst pain I've ever endured, and I gave birth 3 times. I'm a Nervous Nellie about what I eat, how I walk, and what shoes I wear.


    Interesting you say that about childbirth GG! I've read both that Gout's worse than both that and a heart attack -and if I say this to people they look pretty doubtful about the idea.

    I've only had gout, but most here will attest to the fact fact that it IS totally unbearable in full spate. Medics generally just don't GET this , do they?

    On the exercise front I reckon , like most rheumy illnesses, regular movement is best if causing no pain ( well, twinges are bearable). seizing up is not a good idea- and circulation must be maintained to stop further attacks, come what may, in the Gouty.

    In my experience getting moving again in, or after an attack, is a very positive thing and lifts the spirits, whatever the pain. Of course, only little by little is gained.

    Heavy exercise is a No No as the risk of strain or injury is high. Gout is its own delimiter on activity –

    If you do more- you just haven't suffered enough 😉

    Have you tried BBBroth, Mo? It seems to work for many, esp. in the early stages to stop a flare becoming an attack. [See major post this site] Cool


    My MOST painful experience was ripping my shoulder out of it's moorings and having my arm hanging by my side and sticking straight out. It was atop a mile high mountain and I had to be taken down on a ski sled which pitched right and left with arm waving with each mogul….I screamed til I was hoarse.

    If I had had a cyanide pill I'd have happily chewed it.

    Second was my gout attack.

    Third was an infected tooth that sprayed blood and pus on the doctor, the lights, and the CEILING when it was pulled.

    Fourth was a broken leg.

    So gout wasn't QUITE my WORST pain.Cool

    (Oh and tthere was a cluster headache somewhere in there that had me thinking about driving my car into a pole to relieve the pain.)

    Ain't life GRAND.


    As hard as my first Gout attack pain was I still would not class it as the worst pain. Maybe the pain level varries from person to person. Tootache or mouth ulcer pain is much worse in my opinion as it shoots up your head.

    At the end of the day pain is pain and we could all do without it Embarassed

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