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    Compared to some stories on here, i've been lucky so far, but fear I'm only in the early stages of gout. I had an attack last May 2009?lasting two weeks and then had another bout in August 2009. I've been attack free since then. Im in gout denial…. I'm a normal sized 39 year old male.

    The twinges come and go in my right toe and sometimes the base of that?foot itches so badly that I have to cut the skin off the base of my feet to alleviate it? Sometimes my thumbs really itch too, once?one itched so badly I took the skin clean off. Is this gout getting better? I don't have any skin infections either…

    I'm really my own worst enemy, I drink far too often, whilst I'm not obsessive most working days away from home end in a beer or four! The strange thing is that the twinges come on once the drinking has stopped for a couple of days. I also notice I have the worlds most amazing bladder capacity compared to my peers… I've started to worry its just my over burdened kidneys just take longer to process the booze!

    However despite the fact my drinking habits have got worse in recent weeks as I indulge in the Rugby (currently living in Wellington NZ) my gout has not attacked me full on for over a year. I swear cutting out any form of fructose has helped me personally, before the twinges where almost constant before I stopped consumming so much fruit juice!

    If only I could cut the grog so easily. I know I must, but other than that I'd love to hear if anyone else gets Gout itching!


    As far as itching i've never had it from Gout. As far as drinking?I drank on average 10 beers a day for 30 years that's no bull. Two years and 8 months ago?my heart?went into Afib.?I haven't drank since. No one but you can stop your drinking.?I still crave a beer from time to time but?I know for me one is to many and a million isn't enough. As far as Gout and drinking more than a few members on here have said they still have a few beers and it dosen't hurt them. As long as they stay on the Allop and keep their acid levels down. Good luck. Limpy


    Gout is not an alcohol disorder, it is a uric acid disorder.

    Only one thing matters at this stage – your uric acid number.

    Please include the scale, Coxy, as I'm not sure what is standard in NZ. In UK, we use mmol/L. In USA it is mg/dL. Let's hope it isn't ?mol/L, cos it's a bugger to type.

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