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    I have been taking allopurinol since my last attack. That was May 2010. Since then, I did experienced an attack then. During the last week of September, my doc adviced to stop using allopurinol and just continue to diet and drink lots of water. I did follow his advice.

    Last week, its been a month since I stopped allopurinol. I went out to attend a birthday party. I strictly avoided alcohol, just took a couple of shots, thats all. I ate chicken, pork, and shrimps. I have no choice, there were not vegetables there. lol! I mean it that I ate a lot especially chicken and shrimps. The next day, no attack yet.

    Few days later, I went on a dinner with my colleagues. What’s exciting? they chose to eat on a sea food resto. lol! I ate shrimp again and salmon. During the next few days, there was the attack. My knee started to swell and I cannot walk.

    I know that shrimps contain moderate amount of purines and salmons as well. Do you think they are the culprit of the attack?

    Also, I go to gym twice a week and taking whey protein for supplement. Do whey proteins are off limits to gout sufferrers?


    Even though I am newbie to gout, I think your doctor is nuts.

    No way can and/or will diet along solve all our problems.

    Key is knowing your UA levels?   If it was high enough to go on AP at some point, normally we are on for life. (or some other drug)

    I can't answer the food issue, and many will say that food REALLY does not have a MAJOR impact.  Most likely the coming of AP was the trigger..and it was just a matter of time.  But that is my opinion, stay tuned for others.


    Remember the 1931 FRANKENSTEIN where the townsfolk were chasing the monster with pitchforks, axes, and torches. Your doctor should have been the one being chased.

    The next time he says the word gout, he should be struck dumb.

    When you start allopurinol you do not stop except for a serious hypersensitivity reaction.

    But DO get a new doctor.

    Do we all know the #3 killer in the United States. It goes by the purposefully cryptic title of IATROGENIC DISEASE. What that means in laymen's terms is KILLED BY DOCTORS. Any wonder they chose the first terminology?


    Maybe I will try cherry tablets and cherry juice as a substitute for allopurinol and see if my UA will subside.

    one more question.

    Is Whey Protein high in purines?

    I have read some forums that it actually helps reduce the risk of gout.

    But I have read that it has soy protein as one of its ingredients.



    I presume you take the protein supplementation for body building. Whey protein is PROBABLY better than Soy protein (never heard of both in one product though.)

    In general neither should be high in purines. BUT in general, a super-high protein diet is generally not thought to be a good diet for gout. So act accordingly. Proteins of any tpes tend to break down acidically and an acidic joint and kidneys tend to more readily precipitate urates.

    I cannot speak wioth authority but I would be careful of any supplementation that gives you more than 100 grams protein per day…to pick a number out of thin air.

    Of course, if you are on allopurinol, you can eat almost anything you want.


    I do take Whey protein and I go to gym twice to thrice a week. Maybe whey protein has an impact to me producing too much Urates because of high protein break down.


    I?second zips reply get a different doctor. My guess is you haven't went thru enough pain yet. Sooner or later the Gout attack?from hell will strike. And you'll be wishing you had stayed on the Allopurinol.?I hope for your sake it doesn't happen but the odds are against you. Good luck., LIMPY


    Strict aviodance of alcohol- 2 shots- who you kidding 🙂

    If you want a pain free life- get on some meds for gout if you just can't resist seafood, training sessions that stress your system and think? a few tweaks on diet will cure a [possible]?metabolic error that can lead to serious health issues [Gouit].

    Sorry Den, you have to use the head of steam you have?and what you learn here to get a grip?NOW and save some pain many of us don't want to experience too often in?one lifetime.

    I disagree that once on?UL meds?you can coast on diet and lifestyle- but you'll still be in a better place.

    I agree that your medical care?advice so far has been 'Noddy like'?&?unless there are unstated reasons for stopping AP, ?find a more practiced advisor on gout. This can only help.

    As you haven't posted for a while, maybe you've already done this?


    I am a new member of gout-pal.? I just had the gout attack from hell in my right knee.? I have suffered from attacks in the past usually after a binge on meat (sausage) and moderate quantities of beer.? I could feel the big toe start to tingle and I would automatically drown my sorrows with massive amounts of water.? I've always felt I could control the gout with diet and hydration while still being able to drink beer at my Wednesday night crib game and Saturday sports watching.? I backtracked on my food intake and figured out that hummus may have been the kicker for my last attack.? I didn't even know garbanzo beans were loaded with purines.? Now I'm a little confused about what kind of bread I can eat.? I also didn't realize that the body produces uric acid naturally and I need to stay away from acidic foods vs alkaline foods.? I need to start from square one.? What advice can you fellow sufferers give me?? Thanks.


    Woody, square one is your own thread in this heading [Your Gout]- even if Den never returns here- he still has taken and stopped AP, so- unlike yourself.

    Diet is particularly 'personal' to each?of us, so try that for a?focus going forward , you'll get a better response :)?

    That's whats to do -and apply some practice from that.



    Get your Uric acid levels checked…that will help you understand where you are vs. where you need to go.

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