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    I have had elevated uric acid levels for years but did nothing about it until my massive gout attack last winter. Now I am on allopurinal and my levels are around 5.0 and my one tophus is slowly shrinking.

    For years, I have also been very susceptible to tendonitis, especially in my elbows (both sides) and my Achilles tendon. Since my uric acid levels have come down, I have had far fewer tendon problems. I played tennis every day in July without any real pain. The year before, I could not hold a racquet after one day. So, there seems to be a beneficial correlation here.

    Has anyone had similar experience?



    Tendonitis is definitely a problem with gout, and I explained how this happens at Do Gout Crystals Kill Tendons, Or Just Their Babies?.

    The theory has maintained that once uric acid crystals have dissolved, the natural healing process should restart, and damage, at least partially, should be repaired. It’s great to read that you have experienced this benefit, Geoff, and I look forward to your challenges against Andy Murray. 🙂

    Much more importantly, I’m delighted that you have recognized the importance of 5mg/dL as the safe upper limit for uric acid. You’ve inspired me to start an award that I’ve been thinking about for months. This award scheme is obviously very new, and I’ll be posting more details about it when I’ve prepared them.
    5afe Uric. An award for recognizing 5mg/dL as the safe upper limit for uric acid.

    , you should get an email soon with your official badge. For anyone else that wants one, simply post something that shows you recognize the importance of 5mg/dL. Please note that it is a personal award, so like Geoff, you’ll have to provide a personal account.

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