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    Keith (Gout Admin) said:

    Whilst we are lining them up, please do not forget the uric-acid-raising-iron food industry

    I take a muti-vit with Iron…should I stop it…my doctor never said anything about iron!Confused


    Hi Donna4878,

    I moved your message here as the other topic was about tophi. Maybe it was my fault for introducing iron into that discussion, buit this topic really does deserve its own discussion.


    Excess iron has definitely been shown to cause gout, though it is not well known in the medical profession. It may cause other inflammatory problems, but the key word is EXCESS.

    Excess of anything is rarely good. Some calories = good, excess calories = obesity. Some uric acid = good, excess uric acid = gout. Etc, etc.


    So with supplements, you should only add something that you know to be short. With some substances, it may not matter, if the body excretes excess. With iron, and many other things, it does matter, as our bodies are programed to store the excess, but this can lead to problems.


    Iron supplementation is usually good for kids and pre-menopausal women, but even then, it should only be as guided by your doctor's iron blood tests. For men and post-menopausal women, unless they have an iron deficiency, iron supplementation is dangerous.


    I introduced this subject (in the old thread) by referring to the food industry. Specifically, as I understand it, US flour is routinely supplemented with iron. In the UK, almost all breakfast cereals are routinely supplemented with iron. The stupid b*st*rds are killing us!


    In the U.S. ALL foods sold that are made with grains MUST be supplented with iron.?That's EVERY bag of rice, every piece of bread, and every bag of pasta.


    For men it is iron poisoning, plain and simple. European studies have convincingly linked excess serum?ferritin with heart disease.

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    In this discussion, we raised concerns about adding iron to food and supplements. It’s foolish to do that. More and more researchers are realizing that excess iron causes gout and other inflammatory diseases. If this concerns you, please give me some help Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines

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