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    I had horrible gout but when I discovered frozen cherries and made homemade smoothies it goes away. And they are tasty!

    Cherry Smoothie for Gout Ingredients
    Cherry Smoothie for Gout Ingredients – Who wants the Recipe?

    This super easy frozen cherry smoothie has only 3 ingredients:

    1 cup cherries (frozen, I used Trader Joe’s pitted dark sweet cherries)
    1 cup almond milk (I used vanilla, sweetened; if using unsweetened you may want to add a spoon of honey)
    2 tablespoons almond butter

    Gout Smoothie

    This discussion is about a smoothie recipes for gout. It also covers:

    • Frozen cherries for gout.
    • Cherry smoothie for gout.
    • Are frozen cherries good for gout?

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    To get the most from gout smoothies, follow a Gout Foodies Plan.

    Keith Taylor

    Hey chad, it’s great news that frozen cherry smoothies are helping your gout. Can you share a bit more info to help other gout sufferers?

    You see, gout affects everyone differently, and what works for you might not help someone in a different situation.

    For instance, you have “horrible gout” that “goes away.”

    How horrible is your gout? Have you had it many years? Is it widespread, or just one or two joints? Is it just bad pain or do you have other symptoms such as tophi? Does it stop you working or enjoying yourself?

    Do you take frozen cherry smoothies at the first sign of a gout attack, or after a few days? Does it go away within hours or days? How many smoothies do you need to make gout go away?

    I know that’s a lot of questions, but I have a couple more.

    How do you make the smoothies? Have you got uric acid test results, or is this just a pain control thing?

    Now, a question for myself! Why do I ask all these questions about frozen cherries for gout?

    The answer is that I’ve seen hundreds of cases where cherries have helped with gout pain for a few months. Sometimes even years. But the gout sufferers never checked uric acid, so gout continued to get worse. Eventually, for many people, cherries just aren’t enough and the results are devastating. I love it when people find something that helps their gout, but I do not want to give false hope to other people if it hides the underlying problem.


    Hi Mr. Taylor, point well taken. Cherries mixed with orange juice first thing in the a.m. along with plenty of water seemed to help me. I’ve had excruciating gout attacks on and off for about 2 to 3 years. And just got over another episode that lasted a week. Lately been drinking water with lemon and seems to be helping.
    The pain is the top of my right foot. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Keith Taylor

    Eating cherries and drinking water are always generally “good for gout”

    However, what matters most is what is best for your gout. Cherries with orange juice, and water with lemon, are both likely to help a little bit. But if they do not make your gout safe, they are worse than nothing, in my opinion. Maybe that is controversial, but it is what I believe. By doing a tiny bit to make a slight improvement, all you do is delay the time to get uric acid safe. Every day that your uric acid is above 5mg/dL is another day you endure long term joint destruction. The problem here is that joint destruction is very slow. You do not feel pain from that until your joints are damaged. It has nothing to do with gout attacks that come and go – they are a warning signal. If you ignore the gout attacks, or mask them with cherries, orange juice, lemons, and water, you simply make your joints worse in the long term.

    The gout attacks also get more frequent, more severe, and more widespread. Eventually, gout pain takes over your life, so best to stop that as soon as you can by getting uric acid under control. If it is not too high, there might even be dietary ways to reduce uric acid low enough. It’s best to start by posting your uric acid test results, and adding them to your personal gout profile. Then we have a good, factual, starting point for effective uric acid control.

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