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    I recently had my first experience with gout. I’d like to know how quickly one is likely to feel the effects of high purine food or drink in your joints. If I have some steak, will I feel the purines within minutes or hours? Same for alcohol? Thanks.


    I have been keeping a really comprehensive diary of all that passes my lips in the hope of understanding this very mystery!
    My experiences – Lager (love Stella) has I think affected me within hours – of course it could be an accumulation and co-incidence….
    The only food where there has been a pattern is when I have been to the local Indian restaurant – twice recently I have had a gout attack the next day. Again it could be a co-incidence of accumulation…
    Otherwise my diary has not given me cause to specifically be aware of anything other than those that can be possibly blamed for immediate effects.

    Dorian Kramer

    The actual trigger of attacks is often a mystery and western research hasn’t found much on it, I have seen Keith point out that it is the steak from a year ago that causes the crystals. some say it is a rapid fall or rise in UA (and yes that can happen pretty quickly). For some it is any local trauma to the area setting off an inflammatory cascade. Personally I haven’t found a pattern. Overall triggers should be less of the focus and the overall never having a flair up again should be the plan. There are many ways to manage this disease

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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