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    Hello everybody,

    first of all, sorry about my engish..

    im 24, got my first attack 5 years ago, when i was 19..

    my UA level is 11.6mg/dl, 2 days ago i finnaly started taking alllop, the doctor gave me 100mg for 1 month, and told me to come back after this month to check the UA level again to see if the dosage is good.

    i remember i read here that is better to take a bigger dosage(300 mg) of allop, than i small dosage, i tried to search here for the related post, but couldnt find it… can anyone please reffer me, or explane me the idea of a higher dosage?  

    another question, lets say after a few months on allop, in case everything go well, and my UA go down to the good levels (my target is bellow 6mg/dl)

    drinking alcohol a few times per month can still be a problem?

    what about smoking?

    Thanks a lot!  


    The standard practice is to do 100mg for a month, look for adverse side effects, then re-test the UA and adjust dosage.  I'd be very surprised if 100mg does it for you, but it's only for a month, so cooperate with the doctor and get on the proper dose as quick as you can.

    I am twice your age, but only had a UA in the 6-7 range.  300mg allop now has me in the 2s and 3s when I don't drink, 3s and 4s when I do. When your UA is under control, drinking a few times a month shouldn't be a problem.



    I would go only a week, if that, on 100 mg. to ascertain hypersensitivity and then switch to 300 mg. With 100 mg. allopurinol all you will do is provoke that very high serum uric acid of yours.

    It will most certainly not be good enough to use a 100 mg. dose as a treatment option. I hope you get through the month (and then another week for results) without an attack.

    But I know, since you don't have your own prescription pad, you have to do what the doctor with the pen and pan says.

    If you HAVE an attack call the doctor and have him phone in an Rx for colchicine for you. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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