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    Everything online is about what you can’t eat, but I’d like some recommendations as to what you can eat with gout? I’m not talking ingredients, but actual meal ideas, like what does one with gout generally eat for dinner during the week?
    Thank you
    PS frustrating having gout when you love beer and steak so much

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    Keith Taylor

    Thanks for this post, Carmen.

    I like to take the view that gout sufferers can eat anything they like, so long as they are careful. Careful means eating food that matches your gout treatment plan. The trouble with that is, I do not know what your treatment plan is!

    I believe that gout diet is part of gout treatment, and that has to be personal. Especially with diet, when everyone has different favorite foods. I cannot see the point in producing a general purpose gout diet plan. It can never suit everyone, because we all have our personal likes and dislikes.

    All I know about you, is you love beer and steak. When I don’t have enough personal information, my fallback position is “Start with a healthy diet!”

    In gout terms, a healthy diet is one that avoids excesses of the 5 bad gout foods. A good starting point for gout sufferers is a Mediterranean Diet, or an Alkaline Diet. Be careful with diet plans, as there is even more rubbish about them on the Internet than there is about gout. I’m trying to redress the balance at, and you can ask food questions at Note that I emphasize avoiding excess. That means you can eat some steak, and drink some beer. Just do not eat or drink too much. Also, make diet combinations that work.

    Drinking beer within normal alcohol consumption guidelines will not make gout worse. Make it even better, by making sure you drink plenty of water, skim milk, coffee, or other gout-friendly drink before and after the beer.

    Eating steak as part of a healthy diet will make hardly any difference to your gout. I require more personal information to be precise about this. However, there are very few cases where a small amount of steak each month will have any significant effect on gout. The key to this is to eat steak properly. Do not think you can get away with a 32oz steak and a few fries every night of the week. That is not only bad for gout, it will kill you through heart disease or similar. Eat steak properly by:-
    1. Buy the best quality steak you can afford, and trim off excess fat. Saturated fat triggers gout attacks, but fat adds flavor to steak, so be careful. Balance the saturated fat in steak with unsaturated fats.
    2. Eat 4oz red meat once or twice a month.
    3. Make a tasty meal with at least 3 times plant to animal calories.

    I’ve found that the easiest way to eat more healthily is to make small changes every week.

    If you are used to big slabs of steak with few vegetables, it is hard to switch to a meal that is mainly veg, flavored with a few strips of delicious seared steak. Change slowly by reducing the steak size and increasing the veg.

    For this reason, I prefer eating guidelines to recipes. You can eat anything you like in the right combination. For classic steak try a healthy seared steak and steamed vegetables dinner:
    1. Cube and boil a few potatoes. I prefer to leave skins on and microwave rather than boil. Better still, substitute other root vegetables.
    2. Season and sear the steaks and cut into strips
    3. Steam peas or green beans. Add other seasonal veg whenever possible. Variety is good.
    4. Serve with your favorite good quality sauce. Always check labels, and reject anything with unnatural additives – better still, make your own steak sauce.
    5. Consider improving the plant:animal ratio with salad leaves or mixed salad. I have a reputation for piling my plate with spinach leaves.

    I’ve deliberately left quantities out of this recipe. It is a question of personal taste, and this quick simple classic steak dinner is more a meal idea than a recipe. For me, recipes need to be tailored to personal requirements. I’d love to make gout recipe planning another GoutPal service. If anyone wants me to consider this, please add your comments, and I will do more personal gout recipe planning.

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