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    Hi there, my name is Erik, im currently 25 and have been fighting gout since i was 19, i think. the doctors never really took blood tests as they thought i just bruised some bones. i played a lot of rugby and football when i was in high school and college and they just wrote it off as i was injured. as time went on i became worried i might have a problem and my doctor more or less took my word of it and prescribed me indomethacin 50g 3 times daily. In all honesty i took only one pill a day as it made me really sick, usually it would make me wanna pass out. When i would wake up from that quick nap usually it was gone and that was the end of it for months. Until recently, about the 14th of December to be precise, it flared up again, and oh boy did it flare up. it started in my left foot in my Achilles tendon. i was currently starting a job at a mine so i was on my feet a lot when it flared up, by the 4th day it was so painful that i couldn't work. Being a contractor they took it as me being injured and fired me. Here's my bigger problem in one day after being first hit with this flare, it spread to my knee. i was hobbling around on crutches for a good 2 weeks, then out of the blue my right leg showed symptom identical to my left and it spread just as quickly. now I'm stuck either in my bed or my computer chair next to my bed. the pain in my knees feels like its on my hamstring i guess you could say, on the back of my knee. i cant really go to a doctor right now because i have no money and the pain is excruciating. It has gotten better in my right leg tho, it almost feels normal but the pain and stiffness in my left knee is still there a decent amount. I'm kind of scared at whats going on right now because its been so long. another problem that popped up from this is that not being able to walk for so long seems like Ive lost some muscle mass in my legs and calves. standing up is extremely painful and i can only do it with a support like a desk or a chair. any help or advice on the matter with help a lot. thanks a bunch.



    1. You need blood tests

    2. You need blood tests

    3. etc.

    Your symptoms don't necessarily mean you have gout. Is there a history of gout in your family?


    I am in the same position, i fnd it hard to stand and walk as it is painful on my feet …my knees only bend to 90 degree so i go down the stairs one at a time…currently trying to get my uric down from 10 so i will let you know how i go….i imagine i have tophi in myh knees and feet …..BUT..yep u need blood tests to make sure its gout then get on the Ally


    i feel your pain i just got back from the doctor after a blood drawn on saturday. They confirmed I have gout with a level of 11. My foot is swollen and i can walk on it. I have missed a day of work now and my boss told me to get better and to not show up tomorrow. The doctor gave me 2 different types of meds for it but hasnt help yet. I have been taking them for 2 days now. I feel your pain and like the other posts said get your blood tested.

    Keith Taylor

    I write as a man who has experienced sore joints throughout my body – each year getting worse.

    Gout pain feels like a broken bone, but unlike a broken bone that will heal itself once set correctly, untreated gout simply gets worse. Every day that you fail to bring uric acid down to a safe level is another day you build up more uric acid crystals. Most days you do not even notice this, but every few weeks you get a sharp reminder in the form of a gout attack.

    Many gout sufferers try to man-up, take the pain meds, and wait for another battle. You cannot win. Each time, as Erik is experiencing, the pain gets worse, more joints get affected, and even the strongest, bravest man will fail eventually. All the time this is happening, uric acid crystals are eating into your tendons, cartilage, and bones. The acute flare fades after a few days, but the deposits carry on building, and carry on destroying your joints.

    I do not think you cannot afford a doctor, Erik. I think you cannot afford to continue without one.

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