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    Hello All – 34 year old sufferer with some new repeated attacks. My rheumatologist has decided to become aggressive and is supoporting a 4-month 1.2mg colchrine regiment. I have taken colchrine before, but not longer than 2 days. The goal is to remove the current flare, get to a stasis and then control with allo pur… Does this mirror the experience of anyone else’s presciption of treatment?


    Please advise the name and address of your rheumatologist. I will contact the appropriate authorities to try and get him struck off, or at least get some education.

    It doesn’t really matter if it mirrors other gout patient’s experience. It is wrong. In 2013, if anyone thinks they should delay uric acid lowering treatment, they are wrong. If that person is a professional healthcare worker, they are negligent.

    Please say who it is, so we can educate or stop them harming more gout sufferers.


    Maybe I misspoke – thank you for the response. this was my 3rd flare in the previous 6 months.

    Treatment for the immediate flare – Cortisone shot and heavy anti-inflam for 5 days
    Thereafter – colcrys (1.2mg/day) and 100mg allopurinol for 4-6 months
    Thereafter – contorl with correct dosage of allopurinol

    My previous treatments have been 1.2mg of colcrys for 2 days, the 4 months seemed extreme. Was wondering if that is a regiment that other shave seen.



    100mg allopurinol for 4 to 6 WEEKS is OK, though it is even better to test after 2 weeks so that allopurinol dose can be adjusted to reach target uric acid level as soon as possible. Colchicine is a great preventative during the time it takes to get uric acid stable. It is unusual for this to be longer than 6 months, but 4 months is OK.

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