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    Hi: I meet a person over the Holidays and as we talked gout came up. She claimed that since she started eating celery everyday she has not had an attack. She started in June and Confusedeats around 4-6 ribs a day unless the prices go up then she'll take celery seed pills. I have read a little on this site and some on the web that celery may help but nowhere that it was that good? I would like to see what some of you have to say on this. If you tried it or not. Thanks


    I tried Celery and many other things like Bing Cherry, Strawberry and other similar items…None worked for me….Like Zip2Play always say – Allopurinol works and it had worked for me so far. For me, it was waste of time and money and even more importantly, getting frustrated in trying all other stuff…nothing worked till I started Allopurinol and the Physio of my foot.


    Utube: I agree with you. After a couple years on 100 mg allopurinol. I fineally convinced my Md to move me up to 300mg and its been the best thing I've ever done. The celery conversasion was intriging and I fiqured I'd ask about it here.To see if it worked for anyone else?Cool


    Hi Dan

    I sit on the other side of the fence and suffer from bad side effects from the medication.

    I have been using celery for years for Gout prevention and I am sure that it has been instrumental in keeping my levels down. I have a POST on these pages under:- 

    Gout Cures- Juicing to keep your uric acid under control.

    I am as certain as you can be that the juicing (including the celery) has reduced my UA levels. It also has other health benefits as a bonus.It is just a little work each day; but popping a pill is far easier, if you can tolerate them. As you will gather from these pages you are all amongst the fortunate persons in being able to tolerate Allopurinol.

    Celery is recognised for relief of Arthritis (Gouty Arthritis) and a combination of celery and carrot assist removal of toxins from the body.

    Unfortunately what works for one may not work for another. The natural way is always longer in the cure as the “ingredient” is not as concentrated as the medicinal version.

    You have to have faith in the natural cure, whereas with drugs if it doesn't work, you go back and get another one or a higher doseage.

    People who have a low drug tolerance have difficulty in taking take prescribed drugs , short term let alone for a lifetime.

    It must also be remembered that most modern drugs are derivatives or combinations of ingredients copied from nature.

    Due to other problems I can seldom take prescribed drugs and have proved the medical professionals wrong in surviving several death sentences by changing my lifestyle, diet and basically sensibly adopting a more natural approach to my treatment.

    This is basically trial and error plus a fair bit of research with minimal support from the medical fraternity as if you can't take the drugs, they simply have no other answers.

    If the lady mentioned finds that celery is working for her, it probably is!!

    There is no definitive Gout cure and we must leave the door open to all suggestions.

    David Laugh


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