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    I have recently had my first gout attack in the ankle a few months back and have had multiple attacks since.

    IN 2005  (aged 41) I had a kidney stone and had a blood test which resulted a reading of 0.56  (normal range 0.12-0.42). It was recommended I change my diet and drink lots of water.

    I have had no problems since until now and I did not really change my diet.

    The doctor has carried out a new blood test which is 0.56 again and has now prescribed nsaids but I find them too fierce onthe tummy am reluctant to take them.

    I have eliminated alcohol from my diet which seemed too me the main trigger and eating less red meat and drinking loads of tap water. I also take cherry supplements, apple cider vinegar ( no harm in trying).

    I am think of buying a uric acid test meter to see if my levels are decreasing.

    NOT sure if there is anything else I should be doing but this is all quite new to me…….

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