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    Hi, I have been suffering from Gout for quite a few years now and each and every occurrence has gradually gotten worse. I have been taking Indomethacin since the beginning and have pretty much been in denial that I was a “proper Gout sufferer”. But, the last attack lasted 5-6 days. Initially, I experienced the big toe explosion phenomena. Which was quite an eye opener! The pain then moved from my big toe and relocated itself in my knee. In pain, I searched the Net and found this wonderful community. After avidly devouring its contents I have one or two questions. So, I would appreciate a little feed back on:

    • Should I request my GP prescribe me Colchicine instead of Indomethacin by way of pain relief? As the Indomethacin does not really work as well as it used to. Also, I am conscious of the long term effects of Indomethacin
    • Having now faced reality it would seem that I may have to face the facts and seek long term UA tempering. So, I would be interested to receive your views as the virtues and vagaries of being prescribed Allopurinal over Adenuric or vice versa. Especially in the light of my only ever taking Indomethacin as a pain reliever.
    • I am very interested in obtaining a Low-level Laser Device (BioBeam 940) to manage the pain when it manifests itself during my pre “life long” drug therapy. Also, more importantly, to manage the self-inflicted “Flare Up's” that each of the drugs will induce in the early stages of treatment.

    I have been using baking soda for a few days now and it seems to have a beneficial effect. Although I have not been using it long enough to make a valid decision either way.

    Many thanks

    Adenuric 40mg (Febuxostat)
    Adenuric 40mg (Febuxostat)

    Hi Curt,

    I think colchicne is an excellent replacement for indomethacin for relief of gout. Colchicine will STOP an attack, indomethacin only manages the pain (and makes me dizzy…and is EXTREMELY hard on some people stomach lining, occasionally causing ulceration.)

    Allopurinol vs. Adenuric:

    Allopurinol all the way becasue it costs about 1/30 as much and it has been tested for 50 years in millions of people taking billions of doses. Adenuric (febuxostat) was approved in the U.S. only a month or two ago. Why be a guinea pig?

    I doubt you'll need anything as glitzy as a low level laser for your gout pain. Control your uric acid correctly and there will be no more pain. Any flairs from initiating alloprurinol or Adenuric will be easily handled by the colchicine.

    Yep, it's always that eye-popping pain of the whopping big toe attack that finally gets us into proper gout management…like clockwork! It sends denial straight out the window.


    Ha Ha Ha, great response Zip, many thanks.

    Will take on board your comments re Colchicine immediately (is it true I can only use it for a short while? I can not use it indefinitely but have to move to A for a long term cure), will be visiting GP tomorrow.

    As for your comments re Indomethacin, yes, I have always been aware to the negative side effects of this drug and have only ever used it because my over worked GP prescribed it years ago, has never seen me since, and always re-issues a repeat prescription. Just as well it seems I have a strong stomach?

    Thanks for confirming gut feeling re lasers for gout, pain can be such a convincing sales motivator!

    Do I HAVE to spend the rest of my life on A and be punished should I forget to administer my daily dosage?

    If I take on board A, will I ever be able to come off it without cutting off my toe (or losing my mind) should I manage to arrange my UA levels to acceptable levels.

    As to controlling my UA levels,  I have read much on the subject on this site, if I purchase a UA monitoring kit and dose up with Bi Carb  and take my A etc will I still be able to eat a steak once a week and perhaps sup a glass of red wine?

    Have also taken on board Milk Thistle as an alternative to allopurinol, I think beefing up my liver's capabilities may be the way forward?

    Once again, thanks for your advice and help.


    An aside: For me, indomethacin is a fairly tough drug to take, but the worst of all on my stomach is ibuprofen, by the second day I have severe gastitis and I too have a strong stomach. For my NON-GOUT pains I think Aleve (naproxyn) is the cat's pajamas (I love colorful old phrasesCool) It's only side effect is weight gain, probably from water-retention. As a constant dieter, I HATE this side effect…but it's the best OTC drug for pain, IMHO. I am awaiting a letter from Bayer's research department on the effects of Aleve on serum uric acid.

    To get to you questions Curtis.

    Long term use of colchicine is apt to reveal a host of untoward side effects FAR worse than anything possible with allopurinol and you will invariably have spikes of hyperuricemia that break through to cause major attacks. Colchicine is not to be thought of as a long term treatment but rather as an  aide for an infrequent emergency. Many people have uttered the dreaded phrase “but the colchicine doesn't work anymore.”The only time daily use is wise is when initialting treatment with a uric acid lowering drug and then for as short a time as necessary.

    Yes, you will likely spend the rest of your life on allopurinol but there is no penalty for forgetting a dose every so often becausue it buids up in the blood and levesl take a long time to fall back down…thus skipping every single weekend is not clikely to cause problems if the other 5 days' dose is adequate. But skip a week or two and you might regret it BIG TIME. Don't think of allopurinol as a short term treatment, it's not, and if you stop it you are likely to start suffering gout attacks at LEAST as bad as before…and then you progress to chronic gout which is the slow continuous destruction of many joints, your kidneys, and your coronary arteries, and ultimately your LIFE.

    If you take your allopuirinol and you keep your UA levels below 6.0. you can eat all the steak you want. with or without a test kit.

    I look askance at any cures like milk thistle. Maybe there's a diamond in the pile of manure but I haven't seen anything glistening lately. Heck, with a disease as old as gout, I'm sure some wizard would have found any natural cure by now and we'd all be taking it. After all, some wise shaman centuries ago found that  Autumn Crocus, aka Colchicum autumnale, stopped a gout attack in it's tracks and we know what active ingredient  IT contains. (I wonder if his name was MERLIN?)


    Zip, once again, many thanks for your reply.

    So, basically I undertake a life course of A initially using C to manage the pain the A will bring due to my immune system breaking down the UA crystals, once UA crystals/levels in blood below 6/5 stop using C and take A each day moving forwards.

    I can eat steak etc and drink alcohol without worrying about a a G reoccurence?



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