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    I've recently been diagnosed with psuedo gout, due to high uric acid.

    We tried to lower it last year with allopurinol but I had an allergic reaction.

    I can't take colchicine due to kidney damage, so I'm wondering what my options are.

    Has anyone here tried desensitiing to allopurinol?  Any other ways to get the uric acid down?

    Thanks for any help,



    Sorry Mark, but this is wrong.

    Pseudogout has nothing to do with uric acid. It is a joint problem caused by calcium crystal deposits. The symptoms are often similar to gout, but the treatments – apart from pain relief are different.

    In fact, treatment of pseudo gout is more difficult than gout, as there is no “pseudo allopurinol”. I.e. allopurinol restricts uric acid production in gout sufferers, but there is no equivalent medication to reduce calcium deposits. In many cases, sudo gout is caused by an underlying condition, and treating that may be the answer.

    It is possible to have gout and pseudogout at the same time, in which case gout does need to be treated with uric acid lowering therapy. Allergic reactions are often difficult to treat, and should be referred to a specialist. However, be sure that the reaction is allergy based. Many reactions to allopurinol are simply caused by insufficient fluid intake. You must keep hydrated whrn taking allopurinol to help the kidneys flush it's by-products from your system.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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