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    I have been on Allopurinol for four months. 300 mg. I have ben in pain for 4 months. At times,most of the time, horrible debilitating pain.  The pain in my great toe is severe and as the day goes on the swelling and redness increases. Presently it has decded to include the ball of my food and the rest of my toes, Bending my food or stepping on the ball of it is horrible.

    My toes have gone from the flare up pain to constant burning and numbness at the same time.

    I dont know what to do. The Dr.[2 of them] just adjust Allopurinol dosage. Give Cholcochine, and say to take NSAIDS. I cannot even Grocery shop or water my lawn. I am an RN and have seen how far we have come in various kinds of treatments for other conditions. Yet, the Gout thing escapes all medical help and the method of treatment is so Primitive. I believe i have infection going as well. How can i get them to find out and how?

    This past 4 months is the first time i have had this condition.


    I know how you feel.  Do you drink baking soda at all?  You might want to start with a little (1/2 tsp) three times a day and see what that does.


    Arline Applegate said:

    The Dr.[2 of them] just adjust Allopurinol dosage. 

    What are your uric acid level test results? The dosage should be adjusted to get you below 6mg/dL, preferably below 5mg/dL. This will definitely bring the gout flares to an end, but it will take a while (not too long if you have only had gout for 4 months).

    Are you making sure you take the allopurinol every day? If you stop and start, this is almost guaranteed to make gout flares almost continuous.

    How much colchicine do you take, and how often?

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