Gout in wrist was first discussed here in Oct 2011. The member is no longer active, but his story lives on, helping other people who wonder if you can get gout in your wrist.

If you are worried about a gouty wrist, you should know that it is quite common. You can see from my survey of joints affected by gout, that 26% of people suffer gout in the wrist, or other part of the hand, excluding the index finger.

So, the main thing that gout sufferers need to know is that gout can affect any joint, including wrists. The story of our GoutPal member will remind you that everyone is unique. Symptoms of gout in the wrist can vary from person to person. You can see later discussions of gouty wrists in my Can you get gout in your wrist index. At the end of this article, I will help you find gout in the wrist treatments that suit your particular symptoms. In the meantime, please read the original gout in wrist story.

Gout in wrist, my situation.

Male, early 30s. The gout is located in my left wrist and hand only. I’m left handed, so it’s particularly difficult for me. I’ve been dealing with it for about a year it seems but it only became more noticeable and painful a few months ago, prompting me to finally go to for an ER visit to find out what it was. I’m pretty sure it’s gout and not carpal tunnel unless it’s more than one condition I’m dealing with. I say this because a diagnosis of gout was made back in June of this year after x-rays were taken. I went to the ER one evening because the pain was just getting worse. I had noticed swelling and light discomfort before, even about a year ago in August 2010 that but I didn’t even consider gout as being involved. It’s just not something a younger person thinks of, and it’s uncommon in general to occur in the wrist or hand. They gave me the usual first line treatment for gout and of course recommended that I follow up with primary care if symptoms don’t improve. But I haven’t because I’ve been dreading it. I have other health conditions that compound the problem, but I’m not going to go into it until I’m more comfortable.

I would certainly appreciate any insight into the whole gout situation, directions to quality information to read or what I should know more about. Thanks :).

Gout In Wrist Responses

A summary of relevant responses:

First off I think you have come to the right place. I’m sure you’ll get some input here. I myself have never been told that an x-ray could tell you rather you have Gout or not. If this is the case then I’d like to know why they pulled fluid out of my ankle twice. That I know of this is the only way they can tell if you have Gout for sure. Another way would be to take a couple of doses of Colchicine if that stops the attack you probably have Gout. You need to get your uric acid level tested. Although, if your having an attack, it maybe lower at this time than it would normally be. Also go back and read the older posts on here they will give you a good idea with what your dealing with but keep checking in.
Like limpy said, it is of PRIME importance that you are certain it’s gout before you begin a lifetime of treatment.
An X-ray is really not definitive of gout?even in the later stages it appears only as fuzziness. Early on it is invisible to X-ray.
You want to get a couple serum uric acid level blood tests because high uric acid is probably the best indicator of gout with the higher numbers being more and more definitive.

A good response to colchicine is also good evidence of gout because colchicine works for little else.

You will probably undergo a period of watchful waiting to see what develops. I know this might result in more pain but you don’t want to go onto a lifetime of medication unless you are 99% sure it’s gout.

Like you say, the NON-gout indications are location of pain and your age. But now if you wind up with a horrid attack of podagra, or you show uric acid in the blood of 10, all the pieces fall into place.

What are you doing for pain?

Have you tried sleeping with a wrist brace in case of carpal tunnel? They help?sort of. 😀

Thanks limpy. Well, that is what they told me after x-rays that evening, that it was gout. Thanks again, I will browse other postings and reply to my thread to keep it updated.

Thanks zip. it’s possible that they were able to tell by x-ray because it was already advanced. Like I said, I had been experiencing pain and swelling and lumps for at least a year at times but I assumed it was from use, possible early onset non gout arthritis or a cyst. Going for blood tests will probably happen eventually, though. So far, it’s only been in parts of my left hand and wrist. I had to google podagra to realize it refers to gout occurring in the big toe.

For pain, I’ve basically been using a microwavable gel pad and otherwise trying to endure. They did give me indomethacin ER 75 mg capsules and hydrocodon-acetaminophen 5-500 when I went to have it looked into, but I didn’t take them all and I don’t want to continue because they make you so afraid of NSAIDs and becoming dependent on the other. And because of my anxiety involved when I was there because of having panic attacks and so forth they gave me a small amount of lorazepam, as well. So, it’s kind of a complicated matter.

Gout In Your Wrist

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