The revised Gout Diet Forum is now active. I will soon transfer some old gout diet discussions into this forum.

Gout diet is the last thing you should worry about on your journey to gout freedom. That’s right! Every gout sufferer starts by worrying about food and drink, but you should not.

In fact, you should not even think about diet until you have a gout treatment plan.

Start with proper diagnosis of your symptoms so you can be certain that you do actually have gout. Get a treatment plan that ensures you set safe limits for uric acid. Eat a healthy diet, but only worry about changing it if you are failing to reach your treatment plan targets.

It’s only when you have an effective treatment plan that you can make sense of your food and drink choices. Gout diet must help your treatment plan, not hinder it.

Please be careful when posting in the gout diet forum. It is pointless to discuss individual foods in isolation. Please mention what you are trying to achieve, then describe your total current diet, and what you think are the foods you need to change.

The main aim of the gout diet forum is to improve my Gout Diet reference information, so please refer to those pages, then ask for clarification on your personal circumstances here.

You can select from a list of current gout diet discussions, but please read the guidelines for the Gout Diet Forum first.


  • Hello, Keith & other gout sufferers,

    Keith, I was reading your site, and you were talking about the benefits of ground flaxseed. I just got some from the health food store yesterday that I am going to add to my cereal. I’m eating Kashi cereal. I think it’s Heart to Heart, Oak Flakes & Blueberry, and I also add some dried tart cherries and pecans to it.

    Anyway, in reading at WebMD, I found something interesting about flaxseed that I didn’t know.

    Look at this: “Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed contains 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods.”

    Those plant estrogens, maybe they help you lower your gout. You had mentioned estrogen somewhere and said that it appears to help excrete uric acid. This is just a thought. Might be worth checking into more.

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